jacksonville zoo

EDIT: Missy suggested a Caption Contest for these photos. What a fab idea. Write a caption for one or more of the photos, and my favorite will win a Lovely Prize. Actually, I’ll let Gabe choose his favorite. He took most of the pics, and he doesn’t know most of you, so there won’t be any bias (although I’m sure the accusations will be plentiful–bring ’em on!). We’ve got five more zoos coming, so many, many chances to win! Who said January was the most depressing month of the year??

Jacksonville FL


Bonobo dancing

Nile Crocodiles

Black jaguar

Feeding giraffe

Silverback staring contest

Bonobo posing

22 thoughts on “jacksonville zoo

  1. junglewife

    In front of the zoo: Little did they know, they weren’t just visiting the zoo… as prime specimens, they were to become part of the new Homo Sapiens exhibit.
    The Chimp: “Hey, do you wanna do the chicken dance?”
    The Alligators: “You say this green skin treatment WILL come off after we’ve baked in the sun for 3 hours?”
    The giraffes: “Forget the leaves, I’m going to try some of those pretty blonde curls!”
    The Gorilla: “You wanna piece of me?”

  2. rocknnell

    Alligators – ” who forgot to call the ~ POOL GUY ? ” / ” It’s not that easy being green”

    Jaguar – Just a shadow of beauty

    Nina – ” wouldn’t trade this moment for a lick” / ” Why do I have to use a spoon, mommy ?

    Gorilla – ” Let me talk to your Dad for you”

    Chimp one leg – ” Me and the flamingos are tight”

  3. rocknnell

    #2  Why doesn’t your face look as good as mine?   /  You got a problem with me ? /  That is what I am thinking /  Was I suppose to be a hat rack ? /  To God…I am beautiful /  Individualism gone ~ ” crazy ”

  4. rocknnell

    Picture # 1 

    *  Remember – no bananas in your pocket on the way out !   /  A family that ZOO’s together….stays together / The Taviano’s before ~ won’t be the Taviano’s after / Memories are about to be made /  5 human cameras… individual shots of memories / Some families read about zoos…we experience them /  Our family goes in….how about YOU ?  /  Make the effort ~  give them memories / You got to go in…to get the experience ! /  Memories aren’t made in a book / An animal experience is about to happen ! / Should we get strapped in for this day ?

  5. ergirl053

    #7- Did you see the way that last guy looked at me? Some people….
    #8- Okay ladies, now for our next yoga pose you put your leg up just like this. That’s it…
    #1- YESSSS! We’re at a zoo and it’s not freezing. Score!

  6. gsowell

    #4 – Alright, girls. Five more minutes, and we’ll rinse the mask off. Then it’s off to the pedicures!

    #6 – Here’s lickin’ at you, kid.

    #7 – I tried being reasonable; I didn’t like it.

    #8 – Just sit right back, and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip.

  7. kaittisler

    #2:  What? You said “Give me fierce,” and that’s what I gave you. Can’t you just airbrush my wrinkles? Is it my hips?! I don’t look like I’m sleeping…you said to work it! It’s my molars…I’ve always been self conscious about my molars.

    Really been enjoying your blog, Marla!


  8. mrsnorthern8605

    I think the caption for the crocodiles should be: Algae: The Newest Treatment for that Scaly skin and for the 3rd one: “You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out, you do the hokey pokey…” and then for the last one: “Forget the thinking man pose…try the thinking chimp pose!”

  9. MlleBaroque

    Okay either one of #s 2 and 7 should say, “Who YOU lookin’ at?”  Original, I know.

    The croc picture should say, “Do you think they can see us?  Be very still and maybe we’ll get a snack!”

    Gorgeous pictures!!

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