it's been fun, now GO AWAY!

28 thoughts on “it's been fun, now GO AWAY!

  1. Melanie Miller

    These are awesome pictures, Marla! The snow is so pretty. We haven’t had measurable snow since December, so it is perpetually brown here. I completely understand about being ready for Spring. I like your girls’ hats.

  2. Jill Goding

    Really REALLY cute pics!!
    Welcome to our world, we have had snow since September. Looking forward to spring as well!!

  3. Kathy

    Only a few more weeks until those flip flops become a reality. When the snow is gone…I hope the gray sky goes with it!!!!!!!!

  4. Tiffani

    I love that pic of Nina’s sad face while the other girls are just beaming!

    I would love that snow for about a day! My kids wouldn’t know what to do with themselves!!

    Agreed, though, it’s time for warmth and sunshine!

  5. Matt

    hey just curious, the color in your photos is really vibrant, it looks great! What settings did you use and if you photoshopped what did you do?

  6. gretchen

    Does your area usually get little snow? I assumed that being somewhat in the Midwest, that you’d get pummeled from Nov-April. I HOPE NOT! 🙂 Nevertheless, great pics.

  7. MarytheKay

    Wow! The blues and greens just POP in your beautiful pics! I feel the same way about this winter…It HAS been nice, but I am so ready for Spring now!

    Ah, but we’re expecting more snow tomorrow… Joy!

  8. Omom

    We have NO snow, which is completely unheard of for here, in fact yesterday we went and played Tennis, the courts are usually covered in snow and ice until March…It has been so weird.
    I know you wish it was gone already, but I guess you could think of it that you were braving the snow so I could enjoy a miracle of an early spring. I will pay you back next year I’m sure. 🙂

  9. Becca

    haha looks so so fun – but really cold! I must say, I’ve been enjoying our warm snow-free weather the last few days (but to be fair now it’s cold and rainy which is officially the worst weather ever!) 🙂

  10. Bethany

    Definately looks like fun but do understand that you are ready for the melt off by now!
    I have sad news….I’ve not been to the snow in over 3 years…can you believe that?! Have not touched the icy white stuff in that many years….sad, sad, sad. I can say though that I’ve had about enough of the foggy days here 🙂

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