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I’m having trouble pulling thoughts together today, so I’ll just spit them out as they come, in no particular order and for no particular reason…

–My daughters have made a liar out of me. I said that they were best friends 80% of the time, and this week it’s been more like 20% (or even 10%, if I’m being honest). The past few days have sadly been an all-time low in their relationship. They are at each other’s throats constantly. Nothing Gabe or I say seems to make the slightest bit of difference. I’m at my wit’s end. Am praying for wisdom but need to kick the prayers up a notch.

–Gabe designed new business cards for God’s Mac, and I love them. Check out my hubby and daughters jammin’ with their fake iPods. 🙂

–Nina decided at lunch today to refuse any piece of big people food I fed her. She only wanted baby food. She spit out pieces of chicken and banana. She has never done this before. ?? And her sudden dislike of chunky things does not apply to things she finds on the floor. She’s still trying to eat fuzz and dirt and random pieces of Christmas. She’s growing new teeth like crazy, so maybe didn’t feel like chewing??

–Livi is reading, and she’s on cloud nine. She loves reading Little Blessings books to Nina and making word flashcards to put in her file box. Ava desperately wants to read, too, and will probably learn before she’s Livi’s age. Ava has the benefit of having a helpful older sister, while poor Livi had just her mommy who saw no need to teach her to read before kindergarten. I learned to read when I was four (Sesame Street, my mom claims), and most of my young life, I thought that intelligence was a curse. Am trying not to project my childhood angst on my daughters though. 🙂

–Went to a Live Nativity last night and watched two performances in a row. The first time we were in the back, and the girls couldn’t see. The second time we sat in the front row. I want to see The Nativity Story (movie). Every year I read Two from Galilee at Christmastime. So many times I take the Christmas story for granted and fail to see it up close and personal. It helped in 2000 when I had a 3-week-old baby on Christmas and in 2005 when I was HUGE with child. You pregnant people know what I mean.

–I’ve lost touch with 2 of 3 roommates at Cedarville. Just found out this weekend that my first roomie, Lisa, has 2 small children, and her husband, Jon, is battling cancer. I’ve been praying hard for them. I want so much to hear of someone I know being healed of cancer—so far, they’ve all gone home to be with Jesus.

–Gabe’s mom is coming down to watch the girls tomorrow while we escape on a date. Gabe wants to relax and do something fun (i.e., not Christmas shopping), but I’m feeling the 2-week crunch. Where, oh where, has December gone?

–I have the urge to do something HUGE for the Lord, but I feel bogged down by all the little things that need my attention. I need to remember that as long as God is calling me to do something, it matters not if it is large or small.

That’s all for now! Hope your Monday is happy and bright!

17 thoughts on “items of semi-interest

  1. gsowell

    I think you must be my secret twin. 3 girls…lots of fighting lately…hmmm. Did someone give you the script to my life? 😉

    Prayers for your roommate’s husband.

  2. Nixter77

    I really want to see the Nativity movie too – will have to wait til I get to England now as we are busy bees getting ready for our big trip.

    Will pray for your two little chicas that they might make a truth teller out of you (80% of the time) 🙂

    You are a blessing indeed lovely Marsy!

  3. hcole86

    Wow, I’ve been out of it for a little while and you’ve written so much! It was amazing to read your christmas letter and know that I’ve been with you (in spirit) for all of this year! How amazing is that?! You are incredibly blessed. I pray you will have a lovely christmas.

  4. cowgirlgowest

    You should go see a Living Christmas Tree concert at the Columbus GBC some year… we get real camels, a donkey, and sheep! 🙂 That’s my church, btw, but seriously, there are a lot of people who work really hard to make that thing awesome… I think you’d like it if you’ve never been.

  5. Abs7

    i was also wondering where december has gone. i can’t believe i only have 2 weeks left! eekk!

    how ironic that your girls are choosing this time, just after you had bragged about how great they get along, to reach a relationship low. hope they quickly return to their best friend ways.

  6. lendy_p

    Regarding the sibling feuds… this, too, shall pass. I believe there is a full moon right now (seriously, it makes a difference!) They will be best friends again soon, promise!

    Thankfully, my mom is a breast cancer survivor. My heart goes out to your old roomie. That is so hard. Will say a prayer for her & family right now!

  7. trishlrich

    I didn’t read your whole post, but I caught the part about big people food.  I’m pretty sure my niece did that same thing when she was cutting some apparently more painful than usual teeth.  She only wanted things she didn’t have to chew.

    I’m hoping to have “that talk”.  I may wuss out AGAIN, but I really want to get it over with and hopefully get our relationship back on the right track!

  8. ch1pch0p

    ummm, yeah. I, for one, thinks it’s ridiculous. I would be perfectly content with a bunch of little kids singing “Away in a Manger” and rocking their arms like they’re holding baby Jesus. And, of course, the one little girl in the front row lifting up her skirt, so you can see her frilly tights.

  9. mtaviano

    Um, yeah, I believe the parking lots filled up completely for each of the 6 performances. They used overflow parking and shuttles. Sorry that so many people in the greater Columbus area wanted to hear about Christ. 🙂

  10. ch1pch0p

    Your church almost made me late for my work Christmas party on Friday. Seriously, were cops necessary at BOTH entrances 20 feet apart from one another? It was like the school bus in the morning that stops at EVERY house.

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