in a van down by the river

After my 42 hours of alone-ness over the weekend, I headed to church Sunday and then on to Gabe’s parents’ cabin on the river. The highlight of our day (at least for me–well, besides the grilled pork brisket we had for dinner) was the pontoon boat ride we took at sunset.

It was delightful. And as much as I like to commentate, I think I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves. Feel free to add your own captions in the comments though.

Tomorrow I’ll post pics of another boat ride that was also delightful but super sobering as well. And talking about the Hard Stuff of Cambodia begins…

Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “in a van down by the river

  1. Stephanie your sister

    Could your girls be any more gorgeous???

    I cannot BELIEVE that I get to see them (and you!) in two days!!!

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