i’m scary fast!

At least Terri thinks so. The Diapers postcards I sent her yesterday at 2:00 p.m. have already arrived at her house, less than 24 hours later. Either Kentucky is closer to civilization than I thought it was, or the USPS is STELLAR. Please somebody take some more postcards. I still have over 9,000.

A couple cool things. In 2001, I self-published a book on my student teaching experience in Japan. My prayer was that it would somehow find its way into the hands of my students and other friends I met there. Eleven years ago this week, I left American soil for the first time and spent 10 weeks on the island of Okinawa. God has been gracious to allow me to keep in touch with several people since then.

Facebook has been a Godsend–finding my old students and catching up with them over a decade later. A couple weeks ago, I found a few more. And they’re married and/or have babies. They used to be 12. 🙂 Roughly 85% of the students at OCSI were from non-Christian homes. I had such a burden for them and was so blessed to have an hour a day to teach 6th graders from the Bible. And now God has brought some of them back into my life–and I’m thrilled. Some know and follow Jesus. Some have had a rough, rough go of it these last 11 years. I’m praying God will show me where He wants me and what He wants me to say/do.

Okay, so this next thing has God-prints ALL over it. He works in such crazy ways. And I don’t know how it’s all going to play out, but how fun!

So, we’re at the zoo a couple Sundays ago. I’m in line for the carousel with all three girls. Gabe opted for a rocking chair on the sidelines. I see a mom, dad, 2 little kids. The mom immediately grabs my attention. So familiar. I know her! How do I know her? Think, think, think. She went to Cedarville! I know her. We’ve had actual conversations, I know it. We’ve laughed together. Who is she?! Liz. Liz! Her name is Liz. And sadly, that’s all I can come up with.

After the ride, I tell Gabe that I saw an old “friend” from college, and her name is Liz. “Why didn’t you go talk to her?” he asks. “Because I don’t know anything about her except that she’s Liz. How embarrassing! Um…I don’t know if you remember me, but um…I’m Marla, and you’re Liz. And that’s where my memory cuts out.” (where’s a pensieve when you need one??)

He made fun of me (which was not nice).

Fast forward to yesterday. Gabe is working with a church in Dublin. The pastor gives him the e-mail address of a guy who is working on a video for the church. Gabe is supposed to get in touch with him. He goes to the guy’s web site. “Hey!” he says. “I saw that guy at the zoo! He was on the carousel.”

What?! Turns out Gabe was people-watching at the carousel too and happened to notice this guy “because he looked Italian.”

My mind whirls. “Was he with Liz?!” I ask.

“Who’s Liz?” Gabe says.

“LIZ! You know, LIZ! The girl I know but not really!”

“How would I know?” Gabe says.

We go to their website. They’re a husband/wife Christian band. Italian-man and LIZ. What are the odds?

Now, Liz’s hubby wants to meet up with us, so Gabe can show him some web site stuff. And I need to either a.) figure out how in the world I know Liz (I’m picturing her in white nurse major garb). or b.) just e-mail her and ask her “how in the world do I know you?”

I had more to say, and now I’m just all keyed up about random zoo connections that God orchestrates for us.

One more funny: My friend Cami came over for lunch last week. We’re sitting down to our mac-n-cheese, fruit and veggies, and 3-year-old Andrew takes a long look around my kitchen. “Well, this is a nice home!” he says, all polite and serious. I about choked on my lunch. “This is a nice home?!?!” He’s a boy. He’s three. He is my new best friend.

Nina’s new thing:

Nina: I love grass! (fries, Diego, diapers, boobies, everything)
Me: You love grass? (one of those ridiculous Mommy rhetorical questions)
Nina: Me too! (with this incredulous tone, like, “You too? I thought I was the only one!!”)

Nina has a new name for South Carolina. We were putting the states puzzle together the other day (shocker), and I picked up South Carolina. “Which state is this?” I asked her. “Um…ss…sou…sss…Stephi!” (Aunt Stephi lives in SC.)

“Mommy, what are you doing?” shirtless Nina just asked me. She “loves her boobies” and insists on taking her shirt off these days. Uh… Anyway, I’m just not ready for her to be talking in complete sentences. When did she grow up?!? Ack! Too fast! Too fast!

I told Ava I wanted to play a game with her this morning, and she said, “No, I want to play something else!” I groaned (mostly on the inside, a little on the outside). “Ava, I don’t really feel like pretending right now. Can’t we just play a game?”

“Mom, I’m not Livi!” This is true. Livi likes games. Ava likes…play-acting.

So, I played Grandma coming over to visit Ava and her EIGHT children–Bluey, Pinky, Kaitlyn, Rosie, Strawberry, Ava Reese, one whose name I forget, and the token boy–Jack. When I pretend with Ava, she is in her glory. It’s fun. (once I push past my selfish need to “play” only things that have a “point.”)

I just cracked my head on the underside of my desk rescuing Nina’s rubber ball. Ow, ow, ow, ow.

I started this blog 50 minutes ago. Ugh.

Happy WEDNESDAY! (the ultimate oxymoron)

29 thoughts on “i’m scary fast!

  1. jbnygaard

    You know…I just flat out tell the people I should know them, but I can’t recall how. I figure it happens to all of us. However, I have been told I can be pretty bold. 

    Love those Nina stories. LOVE that Nina!!!!

  2. OkinawaAna

    “She ‘loves her boobies’ and insists on taking her shirt off these days.”  Mentally file that little piece of info under, “Things to mention during the toast at Nina’s wedding reception.”  That’s hilarious!  (Maybe not something as public as a wedding.  But she definitely needs to hear that she did this!)

    Wes would run into people he went to high school with in Okinawa and would experience the same detail memory loss.  Would have been mortifying for me, but I don’t think it bothers men at all.  Usually the other guy would be equally clueless… so maybe Liz will be struggling to figure out how she knows you, too.

  3. angntug

    Where do you find your time to blog?!?!?! (jk)  Thanks for the book! Yeah, Reese is in love with nakedness, her bottom, her boobs (which she pushed her chest out the other day and said, “I have big boobs!” I couldnt help but laugh and reassured her that what she was sticking out were her ribs 🙂

  4. ClutzyButtercup

    Oh Marla, don’t feel bad about the Liz thing.  I have had whole conversations with people who act and talk like I should know them and i don’t have a clue.  It is so embarassing and frustrating!

  5. kkakwright

    praying for wisdom with those you are getting back in touch with.  whoever thought i would one day have thought, “thank God for facebook and bringing marla together with these people”.  kinda made me chuckle.

  6. terriwright

    You do know that I don’t know any of you, don’t you???? Sometimes that’s comforting.

    AND, BY THE WAY….Kentucky is the EXACT center of the universe, and where God goes when He needs a break.

  7. ladymiss3739

    Marla, if you still have your yearbooks…maybe you can look her up (don’t they list all the orgs someone was in by their name in the back?)…that might help.  I know, I know…Miss. Obvious.   

  8. tonialynn59

    I used to be so good with names and faces.  If I saw someone I could tell you who they were and all about them.  Now, not so much.  In fact, now I see a face or hear a name and I can never seem to connect and it makes me nuts.  That story is so cool how it has all worked out though.  Loved the Nina story.  She’s growing up mom.  I know good/bad.

  9. swbtsmom

    AWESOME post – and worth the effort! One of my favorite things about preschoolers are the occasional “circular” conversations we get into. My nephew, Ben, now 24,

    and I would often have this one:

    Ben:  Nini (Aunt Sandi), what that is?

    Me:  No, Ben, what IS that?

    Ben: I DON’T KNOW what that is!!!!!…this one could go on forever…

  10. gsowell

    I got out of Cedarville as soon as I graduated high school to pursue the questionable waters of a Southern Baptist college. I can be absolutely no help here whatsoever. But I love listening to you all try to figure it out.

    The guy who works at our public library was at Georgetown when I was there. He always looks at me like he’s on the verge of making a recollection. Every week. He did it today. It’s a little bit funny.

  11. mtaviano

    ^Good thinking, N! Michelle has called me before–she IS super-friendly. If I can’t figure anything out, I’ll ask her to pretty-please do some spywork for me.

    Shelly–there are a MILLION wonderful things about being over 30!
    btw, how is Lisa doing? Can you give me their website/blog again?

  12. ergirl053

    Ooh- you could check with my pal Michelle- adammacsgirl- she’s one of the friendly voices in alumni relations when you call, plans all the chapter stuff, etc. She’s super friendly and very knowledgeable about ALL THINGS Cedarville, probably even Liz.

  13. bensmomshelly

    Maybe this will help.  I’m quite sure that she wasn’t a nursing graduate in my class, ’98.  Nope, that actually doesn’t sound very helpful at all.  Could’ve been before or after me, but that pic doesn’t spark any brainwaves with me.

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