I’m one of THOSE mothers…

I used to roll my eyes at those parents who would watch their little kids up on stage at church (during a Christmas program or what have you) and just be BEAMING for no apparent reason. Their child was doing nothing special. Just standing there. Maybe mouthing the words. More than likely staring off into space or twiddling his thumbs. They’d have their camera and video camera, snapping photos left and right, WAVING to their child from their pew. Yes, WAVING. Grinning to beat the band, proud as a peacock, oblivious to the world around them. All that mattered was their child–the STAR. Make me puke.

Okay, fast forward to Livi’s first year of Cubbies (AWANA club at church). April 2004. Cubbies award program. My little baby, MY LITTLE BABY, up on the stage! Oh, I could hardly believe it. She was so BIG. And so fabulous. And such a STAR. I know we took pictures, maybe video, I can’t remember.

I DO remember her PICKING HER NOSE on stage.

Fast forward some more to April 26th, 2006. Livi has her final Cubbies awards program before she graduates to Sparkies, and AVA makes her stage debut. They were sooo excited, especially Ava.

I don’t know what happened to me. I’m usually fairly reserved at times like these. But tonight I was shameless. Gabe had the video camera, I had the digital camera. I WAVED at my babies from my pew. I was BEAMING. The lighting was terrible, and the pictures I was taking weren’t turning out. “I’m going to the front,” I said, climbing over Gabe and making my way around the auditorium in my loud flipflops, kneeling by the front pew, thanking the Lord that I wore a long tank under my shirt, because the only pair of jeans I can fit in right now SHOW MY CRACK whenever I bend over. Met my friend Cami on my way up. “Let’s GO!” I told her. “We’ll be those crazy parents who just don’t know where to draw the line!”

My camera still wasn’t working. “Take pictures of my babies for me!” I hissed at Cami, who is a professional photographer. www.ackermanimaging.com

Ava was grinning from ear to ear, twiddling with her skirt. Twiddling, twiddling, lifting, lifting, SHOWING THE WORLD HER BRIGHT BLUE CINDERELLA PANTIES! I still beamed.

They sang two songs, got a ribbon, and clamored off the stage.

My daughters, THE STARS.

5 thoughts on “I’m one of THOSE mothers…

  1. faithchick

    OH MY GOSH!! This is hilarious…I was at the AWANA awards program at my church last night and I had the same exact thoughts!!!! Our little one isn’t big enough to be in it yet, but just the thought of having her get her cubbies awards in a few years almost brought me to tears. I was jealous of all of the other parents that could wave & grin & act up ;-). I finally get the excitement…never got it before, but now, I’m enlightened. 🙂

  2. hcole86

    Now THAT was TOO funny! I remember when my friend and I were pre-schoolers, we were up on stage (for something or other) and my friend was sitting on a chair, with her feet up, swinging her knees back and forth……AND she was wearing a dress. Her mother died of embarresment! Go Livi and Ava!

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