i’m a new woman

I keep looking out into our backyard and smiling. Gabe’s parents came on Saturday and helped us put little windows in our shed, so the girls could have a playhouse. They moved the swingset 90 degrees, so it now lines up with the apple tree and playhouse–lots more room to play. And they brought a five-foot inflatable pool (two feet deep) for the girls. Livi and Ava are in heaven.

We’re trying to work out a do-able schedule for “swimming.” I can’t let them swim while I’m not out there, and Nina hates the pool (too cold). So, we’re going to try swimming from 9-10 while I keep Nina out of trouble in the yard. And then I’ll swim with them while Nina naps in the afternoon. And then they can go again when Gabe gets home. I still haven’t found the perfect balance when it comes to writing, playing with the girls, housework, etc. Working on that. Writing a book about it even.

I tried the Oreo ice cream cake recipe (from bethelaine or lendy?). The girls and I made it for Rock’s b-day. He turned 51 Sunday and loves rocks, so we put six rocks on the cake. A pile of five and a pile of one (51). He loved it. The ice cream sandwiches were pretty melty and gooey (something wrong in the Kroger freezer dept?) when we made it, so it was a bit lopsided. But tasted so yummy! (I’ve also been making Jess’ roasted veggies recipe all for myself. Yum!)

Ava got lots of “Marie” stuff from Grandma and Papaw for her b-day, so she was in heaven. Marie = little white kitten from Disney’s Aristocats. Marie = Ava’s middle name. Marie = Ava’s favorite Disney character.

And OH, I almost forgot! I’m sitting at my NEW DESK! It is huge and fabulous and I feel like I’m now officially a writer. Plenty of storage, tons of surface area, two sliding boards on either side of me to lay books and papers on while I’m writing. Sigh. I can’t wait to get everything put away and organized.

And the girls love their new desk. They’ve been playing office whenever they’re not out in the pool. Too fun!

We discovered a yellow jackets’ nest in the ground right by our back door (and right by the pool). We’ve been spraying bee-killer and filling up the holes and so on and so on. And more and more keep coming back. It’s a lot of fun to keep an eye on the girls in the pool while watching Nina and trying to keep her away from the bees and spraying them whenever I see them and trying not to get stung. As much as I’d like to try out my new epi-pen…

Book note: I don’t need any more surveys! Thanks to all of you who filled one out. I do have a question for any mom who wants to answer. You can comment or message me. I asked a similar question on the survey but want a little more detail.

How many kids did you want originally (before you had any)? How did that number change (or did it?) after each child you added to your family? And why did the number change? And how do you feel about it changing?

Make sense? Here’s my answer:

Before kids: 4 or 5
After one: 4 or 5
After two : 2 (this multiple kid thing isn’t for wimps!)
Awhile later: 3 (it got easier)
After three: 4 (oh, I love newborns!)
Two weeks later: 3 (oh my word, I’m too old for this)
A year and a half later: 3 (unless God reverses hubby’s vasectomy or brings us a little one who needs adopted)
How I feel: Blessed, content, looooove my three girlies.

Off I go to hunt bees and play lifeguard! Have a great week!

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  1. ladyjabez

    Before kids: 4 After one: 2After two : 2 Awhile later: still 2After three: Sorry…. stickin’ with 2Two weeks later: still 2…. and ahem, now we know for sure it’ll be 2!A year later:  Thankful for 2!
    How I feel: I LOVE my GIRLS!!!

  2. rachmckinney

    that’s lots of good stuff going on! we have a pool, too, and i have to try to find that same balance with time in it and time i am not in it with them and so forth. i think every mom (even not moms) struggle with the balance issue. i know it’s been a big one for me (and i am not writing a book!) so i will pray for you on that, i know how important that is.

  3. Abs7

    I’m just a little jealous of your backyard pool! How convenient! Hope Nina warms up to the idea of swimming.

    Oreo cake sounds delicious!

  4. OkinawaAna

    Hey, I think I know that last poster!  🙂 

    Before baby #1: four

    After baby #1: two (Learned that babies are a lot of hard work!)

    Now, right before baby #2: …three?

    How do I feel?: Love our two, would feel blessed if this was it or if there were more to come 🙂

  5. swbtsmom

    I’m headed back to Okinawa in mid-August, to hopefully be of some help for a while after Emma arrives on the scene, and of course, to kiss both of those baby girls!

  6. swbtsmom

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments! Your girls are just precious. By the way, my nephew’s bride (married last December 30th) is reading one of your books, says she sure wishes she’d read it BEFORE getting married – now I think it’s my turn to read it, since I’ve been recommending it to girls…

  7. stephaniedawnbasham

    The old pig pen came to my mind as you were talking about play houses, too! I used to love to play in there. I don’t think I ever cared that it was dirty, smelly, and full of pig poop.

    Mmm…. new desk with storage space and writing space. It gives me the fuzzies just thinking about it. 🙂

  8. ladymiss3739

    Your backyard sounds so fun! 

    Before baby 1: 4 or more (including adopting)

    After baby 1:  first month…what did I do!?!  After a few months…can we have another?

    Year after baby 1: wanted #2

    Now:  Really, really want baby #2.  Still no baby #2 and while I wanted more way in the beginning, I now am just focusing on hoping there will even be a next one.  We also found out Leah’s health concerns are genetic (50/50 chance of repeat) which may affect having tons of kids. 

    Ask me in 5 years what we decided and I’ll have a better answer.     

  9. Nixter77

    Your garden (yard) sounds fun fun fun – except for bee situation. I lurveeee roasted veggies I must get that recipe from Jess 😉


    Scarf Option 1: Black and splash of grey?
    Scarf Option 2: Black and splash of Fushia?

  10. gsowell

    Re: swimming schedule. The best part about them playing outside so much is that it vastly decreases the amount of housework required inside. We can maintain our home fabulously when everyone stays out! Hook up a lap top and get Nina a sandbox! It worked for me!

    Answer to your question:
    Before kids: no set number, though my husband always said 6! (I think that was a joke…I think…)
    After kid 1: I wanted 2! Desperately! But she took 58 more minutes to arrive! That was a long hour!
    After kid 2: I knew we would have more, but again, no firm number. I was thinking 4.
    After kid 3: I was firm on 4. I talked to DeWayne. He was firm on 3. Hmmm. He shared with me that he felt we had been extraordinarily blessed with our 3 healthy girls. He said, “We have no guarantees that the next one would be so healthy. Think how that would change our ministry.” I listened and I prayed about this. I wasn’t sure I was ready to be done yet. Then a week later we attended a pastor’s conference. Of the four speakers at the conference two of them had 4 children. Both of those two had a set of twins and two other singletons. Both of those two had a child with severe handicaps and health issues that will affect their entire lives. I felt that God was telling me to listen to my husband! We have not taken any permanent action to prevent additional children. If God desires us to have another one, we will. If that child is not healthy like our others, that will be fine, too. But right now, we are content, blessed, grateful, and enthralled by the gift of our kids. I am also very humbled to be afforded the position of parenting the little stinkers!

  11. KmHunsberger

    Marie is my middle name too…and probably that of my currently non-existent, but hopefully-one-day daughter Ava just clinched the deal on being my daughter in law. Landon Michael and Ava Marie…perfect. I can see the wedding invitation in my mind…

    Before kids: 4. After kid 1: 2 or 3 (he was kind of a difficult toddler). After kid 2: 3 or 4. It all sort of depends on when we get that “We are finished” knowledge in our hearts. For now, our family does not seem complete, but I think when we have the right number of children, we will know and we will stop. For now, I can’t say what that number is. How I feel: blessed to have two beautiful children who are healthy! Motherhood is so much work, but when it is all said and done…it is worth every difficult moment.

  12. kkakwright

    we have the sliding board things on our desk.  I LOVE THEM. 

    Before kids:3     After 1 kid: 3       After 2 kids(18 months apart): 2       After a ‘woops’ pregnancy which I miscarried: 2      After another ‘woops’ pregnancy (Kain): 3 and surgery! 🙂

  13. ctorlone

    how fun Marla…what great ideas for the girls…glad you had a great weekend…I’ll send a response to your email about your survey question!…

  14. YoYoYoder

    Oh how I always wanted a playhouse when we were little! Our choices–hot attic, smelly pig pen, barn. At least it forced us to be creative! And a pool! Woohoo! That’s the life!

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