i should be in bed

If I made any resolutions for the New Year, that would be one of them. Be disciplined enough to go to bed at a decent hour. Just a few thoughts before I head that direction…

Gabe gets a lot of phone calls each day on his cell phone. I get one or less. I like it this way. I’m not a phone-talker. When someone does call our home phone, it’s almost always a telemarketer. Here’s the rule: if I pick up the phone and say, “Hello?’ and it takes you longer than 1.5 seconds to respond, I assume your computer called me, and I hang up. If you ask for Maria Tavalino, I will tell you that there is no one here with that name. There is also no Gabrielle Tavano.

Nina: (stripping down to nothing to go potty and get ready for bed)
Livi (hugging Nina) I love the weather of your body! You’re so warm!

Nina praying for lunch: Dear God, thank you for this yummy food. And thank you for our family. And thank you for our family. And thank you for our family. And thank you for our family. And thank you for our family. And Jesus said…Amen!

Nina praying for supper: Dear God, thank you for this food. Thank you for our family. Thank you for got to pray. Thank you for Mommy and Daddy. Thank you for Livi and Ava got to school. And Jesus said…Amen!

One of my children to her sister this morning while I was still in bed: Oh, quit throwing a bloody fit!!

Oops. Where’d she learn that? I was redeemed when Nina asked me if she could “help me read my Bible.” “You can’t really help Mommy read her Bible, but you can go get one upstairs.” She got Livi’s Bible, sat in a chair beside me, and turned EVERY SINGLE PAGE one at a time. It took her 20 minutes. Melt my heart.

I’m looking for some non-xanga bloggers with a decent following to review a copy of Expecting and give it away on your blog. Let me know if you’re interested.

And I’m out of copies at the moment, so if you want one fast, please order from Amazon.

I just realized I lied about seeing the Grand Canyon. That would be Yellowstone National Park I was thinking of. I should probably go back and see what else I fabricated about my exciting life.

The rest of my thoughts have escaped me. Night, friends!

3 thoughts on “i should be in bed

  1. YoGrandmaYo

    I told Grandma what Livi said to Nina, and she could not stop laughing!:)  She asked me over and over again, to make sure she had it right.:)  I’m sure she’ll tell everyone she sees!:)  That is a classic!:)

  2. der_lila_Stern

    I love all of the quotes from your kids!

    You should save them all somewhere and put them into a book for each of the girls when they graduate from high school.  That way they will be able to see how far they have come. 

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