i miss you {day 14}

I thought about writing how I really feel about Valentine’s Day, but then I realized that the last thing I should be doing on the Day O’ Love (however annoying, pointless, exclusive, and sickeningly materialistic it may be) is making enemies.


And besides, I’m speaking to a big group of happy couples at a marriage event tomorrow, and I’m hoping to sell lots of books in the spirit of V-day.

Hypocrite much?

But there’s always been one beautiful, redeeming quality about February 14th for me. It’s my sweet grandma’s birthday. And after spending my first 37 Valentine’s Days with her (or at least where she was a phone call away), this is my first one without her.

She went home to be with Jesus last spring.

And I miss her.

In 2010, we had a surprise party for her 89th birthday at the nursing home. Isn’t she just the cutest?

We did it again for her 90th. This time Aunt Jeannie made sure Grandma’s hair was freshly curled before the Big Surprise. So pretty!


And I love this pic of Grandma and Dad from 2011.


My grandma was one of my favorite people in the universe. We were a lot alike (the good and the bad), kindred spirits. I miss you, Grandma, and I love you! Happy, happy 92nd birthday!!

Give that Harold of yours a big, wet kiss for me!

5 thoughts on “i miss you {day 14}

  1. Elizabeth

    I love seeing pics and hearing stories about your grandma. Makes me miss mine too!

    You are so funny about Valentine’s Day. It’s right in between when we found out we were expecting our first baby and when we got married, so we always do a family celebration. No flowers, cards, candy, etc, but just a celebration to acknowledge how God brought us together as a family and all He has done in the last 15 years. I love it being a family holiday b/c it’s significant to us and the kids get that.

    Love ya, Marla!

  2. wanda

    I love her crown!

    I lost my granny when I was almost 20. She had mailed my birthday card and I got it in the mail the day after she passed away.
    She was very special to me…

  3. Judy

    My grandmother was born on Feb 14 as well. She also died on Valentines Day on her 89th birthday. Always think of her on this holiday.

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