i may regret this in the morning…

…but I just need to vent for a quick sec.

So, a couple months ago I got a nasty e-mail from a woman whose husband has forbidden her to read Is That All He Thinks About? I know this woman and her husband, and unfortunately, I wasn’t surprised. Her subsequent e-mails were remorseful and tearful, but her husband said, “no more contact with Marla.” I’ve been praying for them occasionally as there are issues there that are far, far deeper than a sex book.

So, I sent out an e-mail about my new book survey today to a list of people and forgot to delete this couple from the list. Oops! I just got an e-mail from the delightful husband–a one-liner.

I’m sure you will understand if we don’t have time for your high-maintenance survey.

My stomach is still churning. I had comebacks literally rolling off my fingertips–ooh, they were good!–but I deleted them all and wrote this:

But of course. Hope your little family is doing well!

Writing books isn’t all fun and games after all. But, hey, if hearts are touched and lives are changed, I can put up with people like this every now and again.

HAPPY PHOTO EDIT (11:41pm): Gabe took this pic on Mother’s Day evening. These lush wildflowers are growing like crazy all over the field behind our house. I could stare at/smell them for hours. The girls brought me a bouquet of them tonight. Mmmmmm…

21 thoughts on “i may regret this in the morning…

  1. Hedda_Fetha

    Hi Marla,

    When I read this it occurred to me that persicution goes hand in hand with doing the Lords work.  So If your getting some harsh words you must be on the right track…God’s track.  Satan only tries to trip up people who are spredding Gods word effectively.  If you wern’t ticking a few people off here or there you might start to think you wern’t any good.  I don’t believe God would ever want us to hold his truth back, just as to not offend a few.  I have a feeling this thing that seems like a negative will end up being a positive experience in this couples life. It sounds as if it already opened a dialog between them ….maybe they can work things out now that they are talking about it.   See the blessing? I do!

    <3 Heather 

  2. stephaniedawnbasham

    Okay, I’ve never ever thought Livi looked like you, but you two look so much alike in that picture of you four! It might just be your smiles and squinty eyes, but you look like twins!

  3. mrsnorthern8605

    Wow, that is a bit rude…sounds like that couple has some SERIOUS issues and I am sure they weren’t caused by you…I will pray for them, they need a GOD intervention. Anyways..I love the pic!

  4. ladymiss3739

    First of all, so glad to hear that Ava’s surgery went so well!  I’m sure it was a tiring day for you after all the worry and emotions tied up in it. 

    Second, Gail said my thoughts exactly…your girls have the same smile as their mommy! 

    People make life so hard sometimes, but you were right to be gracious in response to them.  So hard to do, and it feels so unjust, but a Christ-like response nonetheless.  You did remember to remove them from your list now, though, right? 

  5. Marketer319

    I agree with the above – your words were well thought-out and probably the best option you could have picked.  I have such a strong sense of justice that I’m not sure I could have sensored myself as well….I’d want them to know exactly what the Bible says about how we treat others and our words.

  6. Abs7

    Good job on holding back your true thoughts. You won’t regret it. As Gail said it was very insightful for you to note that they have deeper problems.

    You look beautiful, as do your little girls! Lovely family!

  7. OkinawaAna

    Your words of response were perfect.  Very kind… when I’m sure you didn’t feel like being kind.  🙂  I wanted to let you know that OCSI is having their 50th anniversary celebration.  You might want to go on their website ocsi.org and let them know what you’ve been doing since your teaching days there.  I’m sure the school would be quite tickled to share the news that one of their former teachers is a published writer!  You might also see updates from some of your students!

  8. gsowell

    Wow. I think you were very insightful to note that they have deeper problems. You still may be seething inside, but that little acknowledgment of their pain and hurt is your holiness: that is seeing them through God’s eyes, not man’s.

    I had an experience like this last week…well, not exactly like this, but the the emotions stirred up were similar, I’m guessing. As I prayed and fumed about it, the Spirit forced me to see the situation through the other person’s eyes. I still don’t think I was wrong , but I definitly saw the hurt and sin in the person’s life.

    My anger didn’t leave immediately, but I was grateful I held my tongue instead of rubbing salt in the person’s festering, wounded soul. I bet you’re grateful, too.

  9. ergirl053

    Thanks for your nice comment. I don’t know if I would have been able to maintain my kindness in the face of such a harsh comment. That had to be difficult. I’ll be praying that makes a difference to that couple.

  10. ctorlone

    It’s times like those that I realize that “revenge” is in God’s hands and they WILL receive judgment for the thoughts and actions and words that they communicate…I’m sure you had some doozies with comebacks and actually, I’d LOVE to hear them, so feel free to email them over!!! 🙂  God’s people are allowed to disagree but NOT to pummle and pound others into the ground because they feel they have the right too…I feel badly for the woman whose husband is obviously wound a little too tight!!!  Hang in there!  You are GREAT!

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