i love my mother-in-law

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The way to my heart is to clean my bathrooms (and just about everything else in my house, but especially my horridly-neglected bathrooms) while I’m out of town and you’re watching my children! Thank you sooooo much, Janelle! (And Mom, I love you, too!)

We’re home! Whew. Long day, but good. If you prayed for me today sometime around 1:00pm, would you please raise your hand? Consider yourself partakers in a miracle. I was this close to bursting into tears and running away from the luncheon (details forthcoming), and God worked a miracle. Huge happy ending. Happy, happy ending. You Spirit-filled prayer warrior girlies are my heroes!

It was so wonderful to meet Tonia and her family. So far, I haven’t met a xanga friend I didn’t like. I haven’t met all of you yet though, so that could change… (kidding!)

My mind and body are tired, but my stomach and heart are full. God is good. So good. Thanks again for praying! Early Monday morning, the girlies and I are heading two hours north to speak at Jamie’s MOPS group. If you’re not sick of praying for me yet, please ask God to 1.) help me stay awake and 2.) help me minister to these dear women.

Love you guys!

16 thoughts on “i love my mother-in-law

  1. Abs7

    Anyone who voluntarily cleans my bathroom would be my best friend forever!That is the one area of the house I absolutely hate cleaning.

    Love the new profile pic… you are so beautiful!

  2. ch1pch0p

    After spending all day yesterday thinking about how much I needed to clean my bathroom, I would LOVE for someone to come clean mine. And I have no excuse. I did nothing.

  3. jbnygaard

    Love the new profile picture!!! My house is now clean and ready for you! I will warn you, you are getting the “cleaner version” than what most people get. For some reason I was really in the cleaning mood today!! (But I needed to finally get in that mood!)

  4. gsowell

    Yay for your MIL! And your mom! Yay for God’s power being displayed and His use of you, His tool!

    Could you promise me something: when God expands your ministry and your time is so precious, please make time to still post once in a while. I would so miss you if you dropped off the xanga-planet!

  5. jbnygaard

    I’m headed to clean my bathrooms right now! Mine are a bit “horridly-neglected”. Oops!

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning. What time are you planning on being at the church? I still have to get you directions. I want to confirm them with Christian, before sending you on a wild goose chase! 

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