i love my family

13 thoughts on “i love my family

  1. jbnygaard

    Livi looks so big in the couch picture!!! What fun! I love getting together with family. And I can tell you guys ALL do too!

    Wanna go to the zoo sometime?

  2. rocknnell

    Can it ~  ” seriuously ”  can as  “keep it”   what a BLESSED weekend for all you guys..I am sure YOUR MOM…was just being filled with JOY !  That is so neat…Your Dad has a little Mexican Sun !   Neat stuff….  got to love “Metro Pk.”

  3. amthane8403

    cute pictures!  i still think (and laugh) about the story of going through DQ and asking for mcdonalds 🙂  you need to sell that to a comedian 😉

  4. ladymiss3739

    Cute pictures!  I think your family is sitting on my living room couch in the first photo….and since you never go there, #3 wouldn’t be Metro Gardens, would it? 

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