i love grass

EDIT: Speaking of smells, I’ve been sniffing the air and smelling my husband (who is not here). I finally got a confession out of my 6-year-old who had been up in the bathroom alone for quite awhile. She has her father’s deodorant on her armpits and “shaved” her pits with her fingernails. Is this really starting so soon??

One of our neighbors is mowing his yard, and the scent of freshly-cut grass is wafting through my open windows and into my eager nostrils. Mmmm… Does it get any better than this?

I wanted to work in a quick trip to the MG this morning (I’m such an addict.) before the rains came, but we don’t have time. And I checked weather.com which has just recently changed its mind about thunderstorms heading for my zip code. No rain until Tuesday supposedly. Sweet! Guess where we’ll be lugging our friends from Lithuania tomorrow! (It really is the most perfect place to worship, to breathe, to talk to my girls about God. Mmmm…)

Just found out that Gabe’s mom and dad are coming to Livi and Ava’s soccer games tonight. The girls are especially excited for Papaw to see them play for the first time. Up until a month ago, he worked second shift and was never able to come to their games. They’re bringing my 10-month-old nephew Tanner whose Mommy, Daddy and big sisters are at Disney World for the week. I love that little guy.

Lots to do before our company comes. Dishes, laundry, vacuuming, wiping stuff, banana bread, a little writing, memorize Awana verses, lunch, bus, supper, soccer games. Whew! Tonight is the last night for Awana before the awards ceremony. After Ava’s game, we’ll drop the girls off to say their last verses, then head home to meet our friends.

Okay, against my better judgment, I’m posting a link to my tv interview for deeper shopping. (Who’d have thought I’d ever be on a home shopping network??) It aired in March, I believe. The girl who sent me the link apologized for the video guy who spelled my name Marla Tavlana. 🙂 She said he’ll correct it this week. The interview was fun, but when I watched it, I suddenly had this phobia about anyone else seeing it–even Gabe who was there when they taped it. Oh well. Get over it, Marla.

The girls and I had another “publishing meeting” today. Oh my. I have got to secretly videotape Ava during one of these sessions. It takes everything I’ve got to keep a straight face while she talks. She spent most of the meeting talking about her work schedule compared to her husband’s and who watches her two children while she’s at the office winning bread for the fam. Hmm…

Have a beautiful Wednesday! Chins up! Eyes on Jesus, not your circumstances! Motherhood is a valuable profession–the most valuable in fact! This, too, shall pass! You can do it! When you’re feeling discouraged, find someone to encourage! God has an AMAZING plan for your life! Enjoy your children! Soak up God’s creation! We aren’t promised tomorrow! Live today to the fullest! Rah, rah, sis boom bah!! (If this little pep talk has been helpful to you at all, super. If not, that’s fine. I was actually just talking to myself.)

28 thoughts on “i love grass

  1. kellycohan

    Thanks for posting the interview. My sister told me your books are great, and now I’m really convinced I need to buy them!

    Hope your Monday’s great and that Ava’s surgery goes well…

  2. ladymiss3739

    I love that you have a place like MG to go to for a pick me up! 

    You have quite the list of things to accomplish…how do you ever do it?  Leah undoes more of what I do than I can redo.  Hope you have a wonderful day with your friends!

  3. tonialynn59

    I can’t hear the interview yet.  This computer has no sound.  It is making me nuts.  So much to hear and I can’t hear it.  I have to get mine fixed.

  4. Nixter77

    I loved the pep talk – thanks. I also love the smell of grass but it always makes me sneeze. I just tried to play the video but it didn’t work ;(

    I would LOVE to see a video of Ava, she is such a crack up!

  5. rachmckinney

    i love the smell of grass, too. the story about ava is too funny!
    and good pep talk! thanks for that:) sometimes as a mommy i forget just how valuable it can be.

  6. jbnygaard

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of spring! Grass, flowers, all of the freshness! Mmm! I agree!

    Your home-shopping video cracked me up! You were AWESOME! I’m not sure if I liked the lady. She interupted you A LOT! I am proud of you for going out of your comfort zone!!!

    Love the pep-talk! I needed it!

  7. terriwright

    What a great post, especially after your funk of days ago. Isn’t God reat? I am a Gail-friend, and enjoy your comments….I don’t why Satan does ythings to us….well, yes, I do. I’m just so thankful that through Christ, we can whip the devil!!!

    Shaving her armpits………you are in deep doo-doo.

  8. Anonymous

    Hi Marla…

    I found your site, not too long ago, through Joanne at The Simple Wife. I figured I would delurk and post a comment. I have been enjoying your posts and absolutely love the honesty in your writing… so real and authentic! Thanks for posting the link to your book interview… I look forward to buying a copy soon. Enjoy your visit with friends!


  9. ch1pch0p

    At least she just used her fingernails and not a razor!! Be grateful!!

    I didn’t even know we were supposed to get rain! Glad we’re not!

  10. gsowell

    Was that last paragraph really just for me? I love you, friend!

    And I am chuckling at your Right Guard scented daughter (at least that is the brand of choice for my guy!).

  11. mtaviano

    ^Janelle, I used to love how my dad smelled when he came home from Honda, too. PLEASE stay and see Kim–remember how much fun we had with her when we went to watch Gabe play soccer in MI?

  12. tonialynn59

    I too love the smell of fresh cut grass.  I am cracking up at the thought of your 6 year old shaving her armpits with her fingernails.  Yes, it starts so soon!:)  I agree motherhood IS the most valuable profession and it is so easy to forget that.  Even when they are teens we are still raising them, just different.  Sometimes harder and somtimes not.  It is so easy too to take my eyes off Jesus and get caught up in my circumstances.  Thanks for the reminder!

  13. rocknnell

    All I want to know is did you keep your arms straight on your ” pep talk ” ?  Go Livi and Ava !  Rock and I cut grass all last nite and the farmers worked the fields around us….. it is the “perfume” I LOVE !  That and dirt/oil on Rock after he works !

  14. crystalcave

    I love the smell of freshly cut grass too! It’s actually how my husband lured me to be his girlfriend a few years ago 🙂 He overheard me say I wish there was a candle with the scent of green grass… He then surprised me with a ‘green grass’ candle from Yankee… and the rest is history 🙂

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