I heart shelly and jamie (and zoos)

Nygaards, Tavianos and Alleys


Eden and Livi

Families in the garden

Jamie, Shelly, Marla and Josiah

Families hanging out

20 thoughts on “I heart shelly and jamie (and zoos)

  1. Marketer319

    Beautiful pics, beautiful ladies!  Glad you enjoyed my old stomping grounds. I’m positive Shelly spent the day saying things like, “And this is the apartment complex where Kristin used to live.  And that is the road Kristin’s old office is on. And this is the park where Kristin and I almost died on the running trail on a thrice-weekly basis. And here is our church where Kristin and I used to act out during services.”  Right?

  2. jbnygaard

    Man…you do look really tall compared to Shelly and myself! And for the record, Krista has informed me that I AM 5’3″. I used to think I was 5’4″, but she told me I was not. I still have to change that on my drivers license.

    Love the photos! It really was a FUN day! I’m so glad I went!!! My legs were KILLING me though the rest of the day. I went to bed by 8pm that night!

  3. Nixter77

    LOVE THE HAIR! TOO CUTE. Love the pics too, I am off to the zoo now with friends. Unfortunately it’s raining but we aren’t going to let it ‘dampen’ our day 😉

  4. tonialynn59

    I love your hair too.  I was thinking..she never told us she got her hair cut.  Aren’t we supposed to know things like that?   I thought about you all day on Friday knowing you were in Detroit, pretty close and I couldn’t come see you.  Glad you had fun with Jamie and Shelly!!Love the pictures.

  5. mtaviano

    Thanks for all the hair comments, guys. Here’s the problem. I HATE having my hair around my face. Drives me NUTSO. I was so determined to look cute in these pics though. You should have seen my hair at the Detroit Zoo Friday. Oh, it was hideous. I was so embarrassed.

    And Missy, I’m 5’9ish, maybe 5’10. Jamie and Shelly are both on the short (but cute) side.

  6. ladymiss3739

    I need to know how tall you are.  Cause if you are that much taller than those girls, I’ll definitely be picking out different shoes for xanga fest on Sat.  I’m thinking the 3″ heels….

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