i heart sea world!

We have a winner of the Jacksonville Zoo Caption Contest! The Big Reveal in a minute… I’ll do my own captions (sans the humor) for this one, then we’ll do another contest for the Tampa Zoo tomorrow. Your entries were great! Thanks for playing!

Sea World FL
Love, love, love Sea World. It was one of my favorite places on earth when I was younger. Livi and Ava had a blast when we took them in 2005. I was so happy Nina got a chance to go too.

Dolphins jumping
Dolphins are so amazing. What a Creator!

God really outdid Himself with the killer whale. Would someone explain to me how the ocean’s most lethal predator lets people hang on his nose and jump off of him and stuff? Unbelievable.

Ladies in pink
We totally didn’t plan all this pink. We met up with our friends at Sea World, and all of us gals had some shade of pink on. The boys were all wearing manly shades of blue and red, so naturally, we didn’t invite them into the photo.

Riding dolphins
Speaking of pink, Ava talked about The Pink Girl for months after our last Sea World visit. She was a huge hit once again. I want to ride on two dolphins! (not really)

Shark Encounter
The Shark Encounter. This pic was snapped just seconds before someone behind us got caught in the moving escalator, and they did an emergency shut-down. Eek.

Shamu Christmas Show
Shamu’s Christmas Miracles nighttime show. This was completely captivating. A real tribute to God and His stunning creation.

Jesus in the clouds
A sky-high-flying evangelist. Pretty cool, huh?

And now for the winner of the Caption Contest. Drumroll, por favor… And the winner is… hidden. You’ll have to look close to find her. The LOVELY PRIZE is a copy of the new book The Duggars: 20 and Counting! (Raising One of America’s Largest Families–How They Do It). How fitting that this particular gal reportedly would like a large family. Maybe not 18 kids, but 10 or 12. Congratulations, ____________!!

16 thoughts on “i heart sea world!

  1. faithchick

    get outta town!!!!   Thanks, Gabe!!!   That’ll be super fun to read while I’m losing my mind.    I’ll take it to the hospital & read it while recovering & scare all of my visitors half to death b/c they’ll assume that i’m aiming for duggarness.  That’ll be a fun trick.

    i love the ambiance of the escalator photo & the expression on your face looks very peaceful & content.  Love the pink picture, too!

  2. beautifulheritage

    Beautiful photos! And just wanted to say here (in case you didn’t see over at my place) that I would be thrilled and honored to read, review, and give away a copy (or however many) of your book! Thanks for thinking of me…

  3. luvmynoah

    What great pics!  I love Amelia!  I’m glad you guys are creating such wonderful memories with your family.  God is blessing you all so much through this time!

  4. mtaviano

    And the winner is…faithchick! Gabe loved her comment about the bonobo trying to walk–

    One foot in front of the other. Okay. I can do this. Just keep trying. Walking upright isn’t all that far away. And then—I’ll be human!!

    I’ll ship your prize in the next couple days. You can read it while you’re trying to take care of two toddlers and a newborn. And you can decide if you’d like 15 more kids after that. 🙂

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