i do love me a monday

EDIT (2:55pm): Please pray for my friend, Krisha. She’s 20 weeks pregnant with her 4th little boy, and she’s having some complications. I’m a little sketchy on the details (passed from her hubby to mine to me via instant messenger), but I think it started out as placenta previa. Now they’re worried about a possible blood clot. She and the little guy are both at risk. Thanks for your prayers!!

Before I forget, I’m running a Mother’s Day Special on my website from now until Wednesday, May 7th at noon. Two copies of Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time for $16 (including shipping). If you know a mom or two you’d like to bless this Mother’s Day, I’d love to help you out.

What a great day! It started with a bang at 5:30 a.m. Rolled out of bed after 4 hours of sleep, pulled on my clothes from yesterday, brushed my teeth, opened up my eyes long enough to put my contacts in, and headed to Panera to meet 2 friends for coffee. We started an accountability group and decided to meet 2 Mondays a month at 6 a.m. Yowzers! It was great though. The conversation, not the food. My bagel was too sweet and my cappuccino too bitter. Bluh.

Home at 7:45, found all three of my babies in bed with my man, got breakfast for everybody, packed Livi’s lunch, coaxed two girlies through homework, got Livi on the bus, showered, changed the sheets on our bed, did some laundry, went to Target. Lunch, Ava to bus, walked around the block sloooooooowly with Gabe and Nina, played outside with Nina, read books, put her down for a nap.


I didn’t realize I hadn’t blogged since Thursday. Hmmm… Garage sales on Friday. Total bust. Livi had a game Saturday. Our neighbor boy had a b-day party. We got pizza for supper. Sunday was different. We visited a new church. They meet at 5:30 pm, which was a little odd for us. Our church planted this one a year ago. Gabe designed their website and works for them five hours a week.We’ve been praying about whether or not God wants us to make the move. (I’ll share more details later.) The older 2 girls cried when we left them in their class, but they were having a blast when we picked them up. They want to go back. The pastor and his wife are super cool, and they invited us over for supper in a couple weeks.

Busy week ahead. Soccer games tonight and tomorrow night, friend’s house Wednesday, Fully Engaged, leaving at 11 am for my parents’ house Thursday, getting together with everyone but Steph and Daniel (boohoo!). Friday I speak in Lima, Saturday in Bluffton.

I have lilacs in little vases on my kitchen table. I love, love, love, love lilacs.

If you want to thank a brave husband serving our country overseas for the next 2 months, go say hi to his beautiful wife and ask her for his e-mail address.

Wanna see a pic of my newest niece/nephew?? Click here to see Bethy’s adorable little in-utero baby!

And if you want to congratulate a special friend who’s preggo, go here. So happy for you, darling Nixie!!

Please join me in praying extra-hard this week for all of our friends who long to be mommies. And for those who have lost a child (if you haven’t been to Audrey’s mama’s blog in awhile, wow.). May God wrap His arms around them and fill them with His peace this Mother’s Day.

Have the most delightful Monday!!

11 thoughts on “i do love me a monday

  1. gsowell

    Lilacs, good. Lack of sleep, bad. Prayer meetings, good. Girls crying at class, bad. Trusting God’s leading, good. My weak prayer on all these issues lately, bad. Off to work on it!

  2. bekisue

    You have been so busy. It sounds like life is really being good to you though. I must say, you big dork, don’t stay up so late if you are meeting people at 6am!

  3. tonialynn59

    Oops, I forgot.  I have lilacs growing in my yard too and man do I love them.  I haven’t brought any in the house yet.  But I’m going to.  They don’t last long enough.

  4. tonialynn59

    Been praying for that list you sent out.  So cool about your friend, Nixie.  I’ve been reading the blog about Audrey and trying to keep up on it.  Wow! 

  5. FlyingCAB

    Just saw your updated and am praying for Krisha too.  Thank God for xanga, websites and the ability to rally people together in prayer!  I personally think “where two or three are gathered” applies to cyber-space!

  6. FlyingCAB

    Gosh that blog by Audrey and her family is amazing.  Thank you for sharing again.  Thankfully I work from home, so my coworkers can’t see me crying all over my laptop. 

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