i cheated

EDIT: Thanks, Jen, for reminding me about the pics Gabe posted. If you go to Gabe’s blog and click on the car pic, he has some good ones of the weekend.

I read my comments and messages on Friday night and caught up on your blogs on Saturday. I told Gabe I had to check my blog to copy some of your answers to my book questions. True, but not the whole truth. Hee hee. Then I confessed to my sin.

Don’t know where to begin. I guess where I left you on Wednesday. Broken, in despair, wondering how in the world I could make it through an interview and overnight guests in my condition. Desperate to find a way to get out of my obligations. And then you prayed. And God worked. And WOW. I just wish I could learn lessons without cracking first. Not as big of an impact that way though (I guess).

Played with the girls as much as I could while still getting the house in decent order and making dinner preparations. Got a few e-mails from some dear, dear gals that boosted my spirits like nobody’s business. (thank you!) Got an e-mail from someone apologizing for something–Gabe and I meet at noon today with a couple folks to rectify a sticky situation (could you please pray?). The e-mail gave me the courage I needed to do the interview–which turned out to be wonderful! The girls were sooo good–didn’t hear a peep. The hour went by so quickly, and the host was an older guy (not always my fave) but very complimentary of me and the book.

Had an hour for my sweaty armpits to dry and to get ready for our guests. We had the most marvelous time! Jen(ny) and I picked up right where we left off over 10 years ago at Cedarville. She hasn’t changed at all–except in the most wonderful ways. She’s seen the world, trusted God through her single days, met an English doctor in London, hauled him over here, and had a beautiful baby boy. She’s so down to earth and funny and sweet–and she and Hugh are perfect for each other. He’s definitely not your typical stuffy Englishman (got you again, Nix!) but goofy and kind and fun. I can’t wait to see you guys again,  Jen! Thanks for stopping by!

The rest of Thursday is a blur. Dentist appt at 7 pm. Livi went with me while Gabe took Ava and Nina to a park. I figured it would be a breeze since I just went 7 months ago–ha! I had all kinds of tartar build-up, and I absolutely HATE all that scraping and picking. Ugh. I’d rather die. The hygienist told the dentist I should probably come every 4 months. “Bad idea,” I said. “I’ll just use my new tartar-control mouthwash. And toothpaste. And…” Dentist laughed. “You’ll be doing tartar-everything. Tartar chicken…” I have to get my last three (!) fillings next week. Are you kidding me?!

Friday morning, I took the girls to some garage sales. Mostly a bomb until the last one. Wow–thanks, God. Some very cool, cheap things for the fam. Saturday morning, all five of us went. Again, mostly a bomb. But I did get a very nice Pack-n-Play for $7. Now I can return Gabe’s mom’s to her and have one for the beach–and for other travels and for overnight guests to use. What a blessing.

Gabe went to a car show all day Saturday. Then we went out to eat and grocery shopping that evening. Then friends stopped by and we got to meet their precious new daughter (2 months old now). Amanda and I talked about the “easy” transition from 1 to 2 kids. HA! Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Yesterday I was a parent helper in Nina’s toddler class. She gets so stinky whenever I hold anyone else. Not sure how to remedy that. Gabe took Ava to a local art festival, then both girls to the Metro Gardens to see the Big Bug exhibit. Very, very cool. Nina and I took a nap.

That’s all. I can’t thank you enough for your beautiful comments and sweet-smelling prayers. You have NO idea how pitiful and helpless I am without them. I’m trying my best to write a really really cool book, so I can give back to all of you in some small way. You rock.

17 thoughts on “i cheated

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    Paul and I both have tartar issues and we switched to the Sonicare toothbrush about 8-9 years ago…Has made a tremendous difference.  We do use it 2 full cycles once a day to get added benefit.

  2. kkakwright

    Marla, Marla, Marla.  If you go every 4 months to the dentist it won’t be so painful every time.  And probably, if you are good, after a year or so of going every 4 months you can go down to every 6 months again. 

    You only get one set of teeth girlfriend.

  3. Nixter77

    Yeah you are back! Yet another dig at Englishmen. What do I care, I married an Aussie – oh yeah my Dad, my Uncles, my Gan-Gan – they are all stuffy Englishmen.. You wait young lady 😉 They are not really stuffy at all.

    I am so glad you are back I missed you very much..

    praying for Dentist, I have to go to hygenist next week – I can’t wait!!!

    nixie = also checked your Xanga to see if you had written ;(

  4. gsowell

    Thanks for the photo link. So cute, those little girls of yours! I’m not into cars, but even they were great pictures. Your husband is quite the photographer!

  5. luvmynoah

    Glad you are back and ready to face…Xanga!  I hate dentist’s.  I hope it is pain-free when you get your fillings. 🙂  Gabe’s pictures are awesome from his car show and I loved the ones of the girls at the bug exhibits.  Very cool that your hubby takes such awesome pictures.

  6. KmHunsberger

    I was hardly on the computer all weekend, but I thought of you many times and wondered how you were…as you came to mind I prayed for you. I am so glad to hear that you are refreshed and experienced God in some wonderful ways this past weekend. Missed you friend!

  7. tonialynn59

    I thought about you all weekend and checked your xanga often to see if you caved!  In my eyes, you didn’t, so we’ll just leave it that way!  I’m so glad that your interview went well and you are refreshed!  I know I need to learn the lessons of not cracking first!  I’m also glad you had a fun time with Jenny and Hugh.  It’s neat to have friends like that that you can just pick right up where you left off 10 years ago.  Praying for your noon appt today!  You rock as well!!

  8. trishlrich

    Ugh to fillings!  I found out I had nine cavities the first time I went after Kayla was born!  How does a person get nine cavities in less than a year?!

  9. gsowell

    I’m ecstatic that you are back! I’ve missed you! Anyway, I’m praying for the situation you and Gabe have to go address, for your teeth, for your book, and for your parenting. Love you!

  10. faithchick

    whew! so glad thing are on the up-and-up now.! 🙂 i’ve been thinking about you aaaaaaall weekend.

    i’ve had some thoughts that i’ve been pondering…i’ll try to email you sometime, but i’d love your take on them, since you’re in the marriage business and all.

    i cannot for the life of me remember that funny english guy that your new friend hugh made me think of. hugh grant? is that him?

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