i can’t complain.

Yet for some reason, I still want to. Blah. I’m in a stinky mood for no good reason.

Today was a good one. I like rainy days. My cousin Camy and her two kiddos came over at 10, and I took her to “my” thrift store. I got a set of sheets for Ava’s bed, a pair of jeans for Gabe, a couple Christmas gifts, a Gap jean jacket for Livi for $1.50, some shirts for Livi and Ava, a Diego shirt for Nina, a few adorable things for my new niece, a photo album for 60 cents and a little purple etch-a-sketch for 40 cents. Thanks, Lord!

Alandra (almost 5) walked around with me and Nina while her mommy and little brother looked at some other stuff. The darling (and brilliant) little thing had me in stitches most of the morning. She carried around a coffee pot and mug (that her mean mommy didn’t let her buy) and poured me tea and porridge over and over again.

A (to Nina): Your mommy’s buying you that toy? My mommy hardly ever buys me toys. Not even little toys. Not even really cheap toys.

A: We’re going to Chipotle after this.
Me: I know. I’m so excited.
A: We get free Chipotle. Nina, don’t you wish your dad worked for Chipotle corporate?

A: Nina, we have to keep the cart right here, because that lady is in the way.
Nina: What lady?
A: That black-skinned lady right over there. Do you see her? (the lady was 2 feet from us, and Alandra wasn’t whispering)

Me: We’d better go look for your mom.
A: Yes, let’s go look for her. She has long brownish-black hair. (pause) Like you already know.

There were more. I just can’t remember them. And Camy told me that earlier this week, Alandra said something a little too sassily, and Camy said, “Excuse me?!” Alandra looked at her and said, “Mommy, I didn’t use complicated words.” Love her.

So, yes, free Chipotle. I’m related to all the right people. Then I get home, get the mail, and my sis-in-law, Angie, sent me coupons for 8 free Chick-Fil-A Kids’ meals. See?? Thanks, sis!

So, I have a headache and chest pains. Last night I was trying to watch the debate and had really bad stomach cramps. Went upstairs and laid down on my bed (on my stomach, which I never do, because it kills my back). Gabe woke me up two hours later (he had fallen asleep in the recliner watching the debate) and we went to bed. Woke up sooooo sore. Everything still hurts. But I think I’m over my cold, so that’s good.

I was really encouraged by our Life Group meeting last night. I like the folks in our group a lot. God is teaching me many things right now, and I’m trying to process it all.

I’m feeling overwhelmed. A little discouraged. In over my head. But really, really blessed. A couple things are bothering me. A couple things are stressing me out.

I want to focus on Jesus. Help me, God!

I prayed for some of you tonight. Thanks for sharing your needs.

Got Jack Hanna’s new book at the library today (requested it and they bought it). Can’t wait to dive in, making myself get some other things done first.

This blog needs ended quick. Better stuff next time–promise. Happy Thursday!

15 thoughts on “i can’t complain.

  1. ladymiss3739

    There is a really wonderful, hugomondous thrift store near Jess and I.  It’s “my” thrift store.  If you ever come visit “Leah’s” house, we’ll have to go!

    Are you overwhelmed b/c you have lots coming up or lots to think through or both? 

  2. YoGrandmaYo

    I called Susie and read her the stuff about Alandra:)  What a riot!  I remember when she was about 3, and Ross took her to a jewelry store to pick out something for Camy.  After they had looked at a few things, Alandra said to the clerk, “Could you please show us some inexpensive jewelry?”:)

  3. ergirl053

    There does seem to be a recurring theme of “overwhelmed” on here. Praying for you. You said it best- deep breath in, deep breath out. God is bigger. Love you, friend!

  4. Airdee26

    So glad you are enjoying your Life Group. I was praying for that.

    Praying that you start feeling better and are not so discouraged. 🙂

    Your thrift store trip sounds like a riot 🙂

  5. M3mine

    Praying that you feel better soon—you gave me a clue as to why my lower back might always be hurting.  I’m a stomach sleeper!  The stories were VERY funny.  Thanks for sharing them!

  6. jbnygaard

    Yes, I’m very curious to what “your” thrift store is. I was thinking you were talking about your own closet or something…..

    Love the Alandra stories!!! Too funny!

    Why are we all overwhelmed these days???? Praying for you!

  7. lites4Him

    Discouragement and feeling overwhelmed seems to be on many people’s list right now. Please, Father God, send refreshing times and encouraging words that your people will not lose hope! We’re trusting in You!

  8. der_lila_Stern

    Kids crack me up!  Here is my favorite “inappropriate” kid story… at an A.C. Moore’s

    Kid#1 to his mom “look, Mom, Ninjas!”  (There were some people dressed in full Muslim garb with only their eyes showing.)  so the mom and kid#1 quickly walk away because the mom is embarrased.

    A minute later the Muslim kid to his mom “Mom, are we ninjas?”

    Kids are priceless! 

    I hope you are feeling better!

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