hyphenated compounds

Couldn’t think of a catchy blog title so I typed the first thing I saw when I looked down at my desk. I’m writing language skills workbooks for 4th graders.

Some hyphenated compounds I enjoy:

Anyway, we close on our new house tonight. Fun times. Just wish our current home was already sold. Two couples are coming to look at it tomorrow after 2 weeks with no bites. Wouldn’t that be like God to wait until THE VERY LAST minute? I love that about Him.

So my older two daughters have been terrors today. Hurting each other on purpose. Dis-obeying. Yelling at the baby, trying to scare her. What in the world?! Gabe and I are going on a child-less date after the closing. Can-not wait. (okay, so those were all supposed to be closed compounds, not hyphen-ated)

I’m feeling a little loopy today. Better go get something productive done. Or try to be a good mom. Or something.

17 thoughts on “hyphenated compounds

  1. scottnjes

    Can-not wait for news of the new house. I’m sure it’s gr-rr-rr-ate. You know i have friends in New-Zealand? 2 of them. They are the best. Vivienne even sent me slip-pers for Ivy made of sheep wool! How appropriate.

    It’s amazing how few words you can even fake to hyphenate.

    Post again soon so we can get the scoo-oo-p.

  2. hcole86

    You’ve only been away for a little while and I miss you already! Can’t wait for Thursday (when it’ll be Wednesday for you) and your first post in the new house! Can you take pics?

  3. faithchick

    when i read your list of compounds, i thought it sounded like a personal ad.
    “SWF seeking, sweet-smelling, clean-cut,left-handed, warm-blooded SWM.”

  4. ch1pch0p

    darnit. I’ve been called the Grammar Queen, and somehow I still messed up. Darn that Cedarville English program. I know that rule. They can’t be hypehnated compound adjectives if they’re not adjectives, huh? I used “clean-cut” as a noun. Huge no-no.

    ch1pch0p = chipchop = my nickname from my dad from when I was born.

  5. mtaviano

    clean-cut would refer to a handsome young man who has just shaved. you’re thinking of the open compound “clean cut,” ch1p-ch0p. now there’s a good one. what does ch1pch0p mean anyway? any-way?

  6. ch1pch0p

    Maybe it’s “brain drain” – hehehe

    I’m sorry, but seeing clean-cut and warm-blooded that close to one another just doesn’t do good things for me.

    “As the left-handed girl made a clean-cut through the stems of the sweet-smelling flowers, her hand slipped and caused her warm-blooded insides to come out.”

    See? Not good.

  7. biblestorebrowser

    Must be the weather. . .
    Ah, hyphenated words. My high school Plain English grammar text said check a dictionary. That assumes it’s up-to-date. 🙂
    My biggest recent pet peeves: log-in/login and log-out/logout when used as verbs. Grrr. “I log-ined”? That’s just wrong!

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