hungry, tired, happy

EDIT (2:22 pm): So I’ve got clearance to share our big news. Gabe just gave his 2-week notice at work. He’s quitting his job and designing web sites full-time on his own from home. This is big for us for lots of reasons. A big step of faith for one thing. We’re confident it’s what God wants. It’ll be up to Him to provide. His boss wanted to know if it was a money issue–would he stay for more money? No, Gabe said. If it was a money thing, he’d be staying, not leaving. It’s a faith thing, he told her.

Waaaaay too much to say here for me to do it justice right now. I just know we have challenging–and awesome-days ahead. God is good. And we don’t want to waste a second of our lives doing something other than His Will.

Thanks SO much for praying! Please don’t stop!

Between 90 minutes of jaw-opening fun in the dentist’s chair this morning and 30 minutes of a classic-Nina temper tantrum just now, I’m ready for a 240-minute nap.

Had four cavities filled this morning. Yes, four. All at once. I am so sore. And I tried eating but can’t. I am so hungry.

To keep my mind off of the possibility of the dentist’s drill hitting a nerve that hadn’t been numbed, I prayed for many of you as you came to mind. It was quite cool to skim through some of your blogs just now and realize that God told me to pray for some of the very things that are pressing in on you at the moment.

Lots of housekeeping duties calling my name, so I’d better not linger. I can’t think of anything to say anyway–the hunger’s getting to my brain.

Gail requested a Nina post. Maybe soon. I love the little thing to death, but the memories I have of her stored at the front of my brain right now aren’t pretty. Lots of screaming, throwing oneself to the ground, and snot. Of course, all I’d have to do is go look at her sleeping up in her crib, and I’d forget all that. I mostly fight back tears whenever I watch her sleeping these days. So beautiful, so precious, growing up so fast.

Anyway, off to clean a bit, find something soft to eat, and get back to work on my book. Please pray that I get this cover thing resolved. They like it; I don’t. Pray for a happy compromise.

Happy Record-Setting Heat Wave Day!

14 thoughts on “hungry, tired, happy

  1. ergirl053

    I can completely relate about the fighting back tears thing as you look at you growing girl. I could harldy bear to drop Kylie off at the sitter this morning- after a whole year of being just fine. Will be praying about all the changes ahead. What an exciting time!

  2. tonialynn59

    I have such sympathy for you with the dentist.  I hate the dentist.  I’ve said it many times before, let me labor and deliver a baby but leave my teeth alone!  I had a feeling that your surprise had something to do with Gabe working from home!  I’m excited for you and will most definitely be praying!

  3. terriwright

    How awesome and scary to step out on faith. God promises that he (or she…or they!!) who does will be rewarded. Your family’s dedication to the Lord’s will and obedience to His leading will be a praise to Him from me daily. Just focus up.

  4. Nixter77

    the news is out 😉 I am so excited to see how God is going to work in this new exciting adventure…. Will be praying!

    Sorry about your teeth ;( But it is an amazing time to be able to pray for others when you are sitting in that chair. That’s what I try to do….

    Thanks for your example of wanting to be obedient to God and his will – go you good things!! Love ya!

  5. filledeparis

    Soup, jell-o (endless possibilities there), applesauce. Feel better soon! Again, how exciting to follow God’s leading–it will be an adventure as you know, but what a comfort to know that He leads the way.

  6. KmHunsberger

    I feel so behind on your blog!!!!!!!!!! I just went through and read your last 5 or so blogs…I don’t even know where to start. First of all, than kyou so much for the message. It was so great to really “hear” from you. I will message you ASAP…you have a keen knack for reading between the lines of my life and you aren’t far off in your assumptions Jon and I had a good talk Sat night. Lets all raise our glasses up to change

    I am so sorry about your cavities. That is awful. Just plain awful.

    I am really excited about your new book.

    I am SUPER excited for this change in your life. Can’t wait to walk this journey with you and to pray you through the transitions to come.

    Love ya friend.

  7. faithchick

    aren’t they precious when they’re sleeping.  i’ll bet God thinks the same things about us.  well, me anyway.  Nina & I have had very similar attitudes lately.   I hope she grows out of it before she’s my age!  hang in there, mama!!

  8. trishlrich

    I had nine cavities the first time I went back to the dentist after I had Kayla.  I blamed her completely.  They fixed them in 3 visits – four one time, four the next time, one the last time.  I feel for you – that was NOT fun!  And who is Kim’s dentist???  Laughing gas was not offered to me – just stuck that numbing needle right in!

  9. gsowell

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who stands and weeps over my sleeping children. (I’m crying as I write this!) I sooooo get that.

    Ugh. For cavities. For FOUR cavities. Ugh. I understand why, but still…what a day!

    Prayed for the cover issue right now. There is a solution here. God knows it.

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