how we roll

I was so proud of myself for coming up with the title of this post. I’m picturing a scene from last Sunday evening. My three daughters and two of my nieces rolling down a grassy hill, hair flying, arms flailing. Can you picture it? Five little girls horizontal on the grass at all stages of barreling and twisting, crashing into each other and bursting into giggle fits.

So I asked Gabe if he could get the pic off of his computer for me, and I’d put it on my blog. This is how we roll. Ha!

Except that he was the one with the camera in his hands during the roll-fest, not me. That fabulous picture was captured only in my mind, not on a digital memory card.


Anyway. Each of the past three weekends, we’ve spent a few hours hanging out with Gabe’s mom and dad at their little cabin on the river. It’s a beautiful thing. Life slows down, you enjoy God’s creation–both nature and each other, and you go home reeking of bonfire.

We talk, we walk, we swing, we mushroom hunt. The girls roll and run and giggle and hide. And pretend. Oh, the things they pretend.

It’s the kind of simplicity I long for.

Nina, Reese, Ava, Morgan, Livi.

Rock and Gabe. Can you tell they’re related? And yes, his real name is Rock.

This picture gives me warm fuzzies.

What more do you really need in life besides Jesus, a $6,000 cabin, your family, a muddy river, a fire, some rocks and flowers and trees, and something to munch on?

This is how we roll.

Well, for a few hours every now and again anyway. Practically speaking, we can’t really roll this way.

But a girl can dream.

12 thoughts on “how we roll

  1. Lacey

    Would so love a little cabin on the river like that. How wonderful. I love “gettingaway” and surrounding myself in HIS handiwork. Definitely the most relaxing times ever! 🙂

    I have a cousin named Rock too! 🙂

  2. Missy

    I agree with Jess…when did Livi get so tall (and so grown up)!

    Such great memories for all the kids, too. Spending time like that with family surounded by God’s creation like that = priceless time together that the kids will always look back on and remember fondly. 🙂

  3. harvestworker

    Marla (I got your name right this time), I love your blog. It is refreshing. The pictures and those precious children in them are breathtaking. Thank you.

    Pat Marcantel

  4. Martha

    O sister.. those pictures are precious. And the memories even more so. Gabe’s parents are younger than We are and thats a trip. Ha maybe that’s why I’m SwitchingGranny! I love families. Wish our oldest would turn from his ways of persecuting the God he says He does not believe in. This brakes my heart. I can’t do much family stuff with my side b/c they are all alcholics.. non believeing etc. Tommy can’t with his because his Mother who was a believer was the only one who wasn’t into all the drugs and alcohol. And we’ve got these two sons and very sweet daughter in laws. With the oldest professing Atheism .. well to say the least things are estranged. The youngest is proclaiming belief but is not walking. He and his wife just allow us to share Jesus with Breanna.

    So I see your pictures and I thank God for Christian families!

    I love you and am glad after all your travels and tribulations (minor) of recent weeks you are getting to R&R with family and kids loving the cabin. I am just thankful. And very thankful for your prayers as the fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!

    I love your blog. I appreciate your transparency. Having met you.. I know your hearts desire is to bring glory to Him.

    I love Gabe’s work with GodsMac.. I’ve been ministred to so much by that podcast and by Gabe always being ready to tackle any mac switchers crazy question for me.

    Thanks.. I love you.. I know great things are happening for you.. yet they require much patience and faith. Remember that Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen.

    And faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.


    (don’t know why I posted that little sermon- but He does)

    Love you

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