hello, fall! i love you!

My, isn’t this weather just delicious? Sigh. It makes me feel like raking. Or maybe I’ll just sit here at my computer desk and look out the window at all the pretty leaves on the ground.

Satan’s back. And I’m glad. Gotta keep those fighting muscles in shape. Just so you know, I’m not trying to make light of the devil. He’s a powerful, powerful foe. But, glory to God, I have everything I need to pummel him into the ground–God’s Word, a Savior who gave His life for me, and the power of the Holy Spirit. Satan can’t touch me. He can mess, and he does, but I know in whom I have believed. It’s like watching an old football game on ESPN Classic. It may seem like your team can never recover from that 48-0 deficit, but you already know the ending, and you know the comeback happens. So, you still get the butterflies, but you aren’t scared. We win. We WIN.

A cool thing happened yesterday. First, a little background. Back in August, I blogged about shopping for school supplies with Ava. She wanted a Hello Kitty backpack. It was $15. I made her get a grey and lavendar one (character-free) for $8. She threw a fit, but we got through it. So, Livi’s backpack from kindergarten is a cute flowered Gap one that I got at a garage sale for $1 (then found $1 in the front pocket). I told her she needed to use it for one more year. We’d do new backpacks every other year.

Yesterday morning, Livi asked if she and Ava could trade backpacks for awhile. Livi’s is smaller and she has trouble getting her lunch box in it. Ava doesn’t take a lunch. Ava agreed to the trade. A little while later, Ava, Nina and I went to Target to get diapers and a couple other things. I warned her before we went that we weren’t getting a treat. She smiled and said (quite uncharacteristically), “That’s okay!” We were over by the food section when I saw a wall of backpacks–50% off. Maybe I’ll get a bigger one for Livi, so she doesn’t have to use her small one. But they’re all camouflage and black corduroy, and I know she’s not going to like any of them.

Then I see it. The exact Hello Kitty backpack Ava wanted 2 months ago. Black with pink stitching, big ol’ pink Hello Kitty head, lots of pink and silver sequins and sparkles. It’s $3.74. I buy it. Ava is beaming. We talk about waiting on God, about being rewarded for patience and good attitudes. It was very, very cool. And Livi was thrilled with Ava’s lavendar one. (“Wow, Mom. You got 3 backpacks for less than $12!”) And Nina gets the flowered one. And God is so good.

Have I mentioned the adorable 10-year-old girl who rides the bus with Livi in the morning? Her name is Sonja, and she is the sweetest thing ever. So, we’re talking about soccer yesterday–she plays on a select team here in town. I learned all kinds of cool things about her–her parents are from Serbia. Her dad played soccer. They lived in Sarajevo but had to leave because of war. Her older brother was born there. She was born in Germany. She’s lived in Ohio since she was two. This morning, she sang me a song she wrote about Fall. It was good!

I truly see Sonja as God’s gift to me as my little girl boards a great big bus every morning. The first few days, she got on at a different stop and Livi just looked so sad and lonely with all the boys. Now, she waits at the bus stop all happy and chipper and funny. Thanks, God! (and I’m praying for her salvation if she doesn’t know Christ already)

Shoot! I forgot to explain about my book. Reaaaaaally quick. So, a few months ago, my agent and I shopped around a proposal for a gift book 2-pack (one on pregnancy, one on baby’s first year). Howard Books wanted to do the pregnancy one. Harvest House wanted to do the baby one, but they wanted it to be a regular trade paperback. I accepted both offers. But as I began writing the Diapers book, I realized that I really didn’t want to write a whole book about baby’s first year–I wanted to put in some really good mom stuff that would apply to my friends whose kids were a little older. So, I changed my focus, changed the book and neglected to tell anyone at HH. My fault. But then I did tell them, and they said it would be no problem to make a quick cover change. They liked the new direction of the book.

Long story short, the publishing committee disagreed. They liked the original plan and they were sticking to it. So, basically, I’ve decided to resurrect my old material, use certain parts of the “old” book, and Changing Your World, One Diaper at a Time will in fact be Reflections on the Journey Through Baby’s First Year. I’m going back through all of your fabulous surveys, and you’re saving my buns! So, yeah, Lord willing, it will be done November 1. (This is a waaaay easier book to write than the other one.) And then I’ll have another whole book almost ready to shop around to publishers. All it needs is a new title. Again, God is good.

“Are you blogging?!” Gabe just asked me. “You don’t have time for that! You should be reading other people’s blogs!” I’ve already threatened twice to send him back to Hondros (his old company).

Oh! Last thing! My brother-in-law, Stewart, is feeling MUCH better. Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord! You can read about it on Bethy’s blog.

Happy Hump Day!

26 thoughts on “hello, fall! i love you!

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    How cool about the backpacks!!!  God knows the desires of our heart!

    I read Bethy’s blog yesterday and almost started dancing. 

    As for fighting Satan, I have been struggling with that lately.  I seem to do really well for a long while and then all the sudden I find myself feeling like I am starting to lose…I know that God has the victory already won but it is hard to keep that in mind when the weariness sets in.  The good thing is that God always provides a time of refreshing and helps me get back into the thick of it with a victorious spirit…I just have to wait on Him.

  2. angntug

    ok..tell Gabe to make up his mind…one minute he complains that you’re not blogging, another minute about how you shouldn’t be blogging:)

    tell the girls thanks! for calling Morgan on her birthday yesterday! she loved that! and so did Reese:)

  3. rachmckinney

    am i the only one who wondered (or maybe i just don’t know) what happy hump day is??? just curious!
    awesome story on the backpacks–so true and so cool that God can show himself in those kind of ways, even to children.
    i hardly even remember what i wrote on some of the su rvey…can’t wait til the book comes out:)
    awesome opp. with sonja and her family! that’s a neat story, too.

  4. jbnygaard

    Must agree with Krista. I really love the part about sharing how God provides to your girls! I love those kind of moments!!!

    Did you ever get my comment about coming to see you on the 29th????

  5. Nixter77

    Gail, I have a cool Aunt called Gail too 😉

    Marsy – I was reading Rev last night and what a relief to know that the battle has been won when Christ died on the cross.. Stand firm my dear friend… Eph 6:10-18.

  6. luvmynoah

    Backpacks= awesome story!!  Love it! 

    I LOVE fall too!!!  I had to turn on the heat today.  It was freezing when Titus decided to get me up for the day at 6:30.

    I’m glad Sonja is on the bus.  That is great as well.  I’m sure there conversations are so cute sitting together!

  7. bethelaine

    Gail, i just want to say that my favorite aunt’s name is Gail, so when i first “met” you, i was immediately fond of you.  and all because of your “plain Jane” name.  so there. 

  8. gsowell

    ^I can’t believe she’d rather be Cordelia than Gail. Truthfully, I’d rather be Cordelia than Gail, too. I’ve never been fond of my name. We had a baby name book when we were expecting that told what people thought of different names. Under Gail it said people thought of a plain Jane. There you have it, folks.^

  9. faithchick

    Cordelia, of The House of the Yahoos.

    …man, i wish i had more time to read!

    …and with that…I’m off to throw some sweet potatoes in the oven! perfect for this crisp, cloudy fall day, yeah?

  10. KmHunsberger

    Yeah for new books. My sister recently asked me if I still “talk” to you. I said yes, and asked why. She said she never sees my comments on your blog anymore. Opps. I know I have been MIA a lot more lately…I will blame it entirely on grad school. Anyway, I still love ya and sorry for the lack of comments as of late

  11. filledeparis

    What a cool story about Sonja–I love when God brings the “world” to our doorsteps! You could always host a Good News Club, you know…in between writing life-changing books! ; )

  12. terriwright

    Tell Gabe to hush and get to work!!

    The backpack story is great. Too often in the past I didn’t wait on God…..now I am better at it.

    My survey was so long after the fact(of having little people)—–I guess you can use it as a history lesson….but hooray for another book already planned-out. You’ll be so rich Gabe can just stop working altogether and be your supervisor. hehehe

  13. tonialynn59

    Wow, you had lots to share today!  Loved the backpack story!  That is so cool.  And a learning lesson for your kiddos and all of us really.  I love the story about satan too and how we do have what it takes to pummel him!  Loving this fall weather too.  Silly me ran out to the bank in capri’s and sandals and nearly froze!  Also glad to hear about Stewart!  Praying for you dear friend with your books and all you have going on in your life.  Can’t wait to see you in April.  As you said, it will be here before we  know it. 

  14. mtaviano

    ^You’re so right, Gail. The victory IS in standing. I LOVED that blog you wrote about that.

    ^And Jess, your survey was BRILLIANT. No one wants to read a book about someone’s peachy life. They want to read about people in the depths of despair who get out with God’s help. (and I changed your name anyway. To Gail. Kidding!)

  15. gsowell

    I’m so excited about that backpack story. Our God is cool.

    Remember, as Satan attacks, the victory is in standing. Just stand firm! Prayers for you (and your book work…yay!).

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