heeding my own words

Flowers from GailEDIT: (12:35p.m) Livi miraculously recovered this morning as soon as the bus picked up the neighbor kids and drove away. Daddy is headed to a lunch meeting and dropping Livi and Ava both off at school on the way. Today has been…bluh. EXCEPT for the man in a van who rang my doorbell a couple hours ago bearing FLOWERS from…a XANGA friend…who lives in a certain state that borders Missouri! The note attached was short and sweet from someone short and sweet. 🙂 Bless you, Gail.

So, I was thinking that this day is not going as planned. Then I read Jen’s blog where she writes about what God is teaching her through my book. She referred to pgs. 29-30 where I talk about writing my life plans in pencil, not permanent marker. Good idea. I’ll have to remember that. 🙂

My friend Jessica also wrote a really cool blog about the book. She’s “Jessica C.” in the book–the one on pgs. 55-56 who was paranoid about pooping on the delivery table. 🙂

I’m awfully grateful and humbled when you guys write nice stuff about my writing. And it takes a lot of pressure off of me to toot myself (how does one toot herself?). That age-old quandary–how to sell the book without being obnoxiously self-promoting? I’m sure I’ll never figure it out.

Livi is home from school. She had a fever last night. Nina is just getting over hers. I’m supposing Ava is next. They all have mild coughs/sniffing. We made it 45ish days between illnesses, so I guess that’s cool. And this seems like easy street compared to our bring-in-the-New-Year-with-a-bang fiasco.

Our friends Holly and Duey stopped by yesterday afternoon. Holly and the kids stayed in the van while Duey dropped something off. I invited them in, one thing led to another, and we asked them to stay for supper. They went home at 8ish. Thanks for the fun evening, guys!

This will sound “tooty,” but I was giddy about my spontaneous hospitality. I NEVER do this. People rarely just “drop by” and I never have enough foodstuffs on hand to feed an extra family. But I went to Kroger last night, and I was thrilled that God gave me a chance to live more like I know He wants me to live. Open hands, open heart, open home. Some of you are SO good about doing stuff like this (Amelia! and others!), and I so want to be better.

So, I learned something new this morning. Nina and I put together this huge state puzzle (her favorite) on the kitchen floor. I bought it for $1 at a garage sale, so I could get better at geography. (something I stink at but really want to be good at) She hands me states, I name them, we put them in together. After 32 years, I finally know where all the states are (except that all the N.E. states are on one puzzle piece, so never mind. I know where 40-ish are). ANYWAY, I did not know that Kentucky and Missouri share a border! Had no clue! Did you all know this? Krista? Gail? Terri? Maren? In my mind, Kentucky and Missouri are nowhere NEAR each other. Wow.

I’m doing my best to get your free books to you. Thanks for being patient. Gabe is going to create my e-mail blast tonight. If you could send it to everyone you know, that would be sooo cool.

Happy Snowy Wednesday!

57 thoughts on “heeding my own words

  1. ladymiss3739

    @gsowell – I think your flowers to Marla brightened all our days!  How sweet of you!   

    So where are we with this game…which one are we guessing now?  Marla, maybe you should purposefully leave lots more annonymous quotes (spicy ones) in your next book so we’ll have a game to play after we all finish reading!

  2. kellycohan

    I would love to host a book bash for Marla & friends. Excited can’t describe my state of anticipation to read the book (especially when everyone else is spouting out spoilers! just kidding.). The only problem is that my state doesn’t border Missouri, Kentucky, or Ohio. It borders the Atlantic Ocean. Somewhat inconvenient for most Marla-ites. 🙁 

  3. gsowell

    Shelly, I’ve read some of the quotes in the book that are nameless (like the worst parts of pregnancy in chapter 2, I think…my book’s upstairs). I read a quote, and was asking, “Is that me? That sounded like me…”

  4. bensmomshelly

    Sweet!  I *thought* I remembered typing all that, but then I thought it might just be all in my head.    And YAY  for flowers in the middle of winter………….way to go, Gail!

  5. tonialynn59

    I didn’t realize Missouri and KY border each other either so I’m with ya on that one!  Yay for the flowers from Gail.  How very sweet!  I’m sitting here reading all this about the book and I can’t look cause I don’t have mine yet!  I don’t mean to keep bringing that up to you cause I’m just patiently waiting……..

  6. luvmynoah

    LOL..you all are funny!!  Heehee.  Can we have a Marla Book Party??  Like all her groupies can get together and have an “Oprah Book Club” moment?  Huh?  Oh…well…I’m NOT offering to host….I’m scared to do hospitality….remember?  I’ll come though!  I’ll bring food! How about White Texas Sheet cake…some cool gal just gave out that recipe!

  7. gsowell

    @kkakwright – 

    How do you type a huge gasp? Cuz that’s what I just did. That is hilarious! And she didn’t even know. Please tell me it’s the same lady who told you the worst thanksgiving ever was when the dinner wasn’t served until 6:30 or whatever she said. It was the same lady, wasn’t it… I just know it.

  8. kkakwright

    She didn’t even rembember having the conversation.  if you knew the lady you would understand.  she can be dingy.

    i knew jess’ name was already there.  do you guys think i’m dumb or something.

  9. kkakwright

    I would like to know whose mother in law said “how did that happen” when she found out she was pregnant but i’m guessing that isn’t good material for our game.

  10. kkakwright

    Oh, okay so it’s not a quote but, my impromptu (is that spelled right?)dinner guest picked up your book laying on my kitchen table last night.  she was thumbing through it when she saw what you wrote on the inner cover about pag 139 when the woman told me i had a personality at Bible study.  SHE WAS THE LADY WHO SAID IT!!  She turned there, read it.  I was a little nervous as to what she would think of our converstaion showing up in a book followed by the words, “I think I would have hauled off and hit the woman.  Here she didn’t even remember it.  She is an older lady. Funny, yeah?

  11. kkakwright

    Oh gosh.  woops.  maybe i shouldn’t play then……… 🙁 i’m sorry. 
    my brother and sister HATED playing games with me growing up because i would always “ruin all the fun”.  and here i thought i had grown out of that.  maybe someday. i’ll find another quote…. 

  12. mtaviano

    @faithchick – 

    Since Kimberly didn’t take her book to work with her (gasp!), I have the right to answer your question. Yes, it’s Kimberly. (Wouldn’t that be funny if she read it at work and everyone thought she was preggo?)

    I’m up for the game if anyone wants to start.

  13. faithchick

    @ch1pch0p – what do you mean you don’t have your book with you?!?!?

    you have to look into it asap, b/c i need to know if my guesses are right  

    oh, yeah, marla remember the quote guessing game you mentioned.  that’s fun.  but i don’t want to go first.  so someone else message her a quote & she can post it & we can all guess.  ready, go.  (i like games.)

  14. gsowell

    Stop with all the cool comments.

    I have been working on the hospitality thing, too. My new mantra: It’s about people, not to do lists.

    Says the girl who didn’t have time to talk to you on the phone today because I had to dash to the library. Sorry. I feel bad about that. Josie had a great time, made a dinosaur hat, and did all the dance songs. So at least some good came out of my rudeness.

  15. allieanne

    you were stressing me out while I was reading about you having friends unexpectedly stay for dinner! Why does that stress me out??? I don’t have kids! I felt some relief when you said you went grocery shopping.

  16. luvmynoah

    I need to brush up on my state locations.   I also need to work on hospitality. Even when I plan having others over I almost hyperventilate(sp) by the time they get there.  I get nervous…clean like a mad women….close all the rooms that scare me.  It’s making me nervous just thinking about it.  Maybe when you master it you can write a book for me!

  17. ladymiss3739

    I don’t really know any of the states west of Ohio. 

    It does feel good to be spontaneously hospitable, doesn’t it?  We were on the receiving end of that this weekend, and as a guest, it felt good, too.    Win, win situation!

  18. kkakwright

    ummmmmmm…….yeah, i knew that.
    funny story, we had a droper-byer last afternoon around 4pm, she also stayed for dinner and left around 8pm.  i also never ever do this but was glad I did it last night and am thinking i should do it more often.  funny, we were entertaining together!

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