heaps o’ thanks!

Y’all were so generous today with your helpful (albeit most conflicting) opinions on the tax rebate checks! I’m just going to sit here and pretend I know nothing about the possibility of any money showing up in my mailbox. If a check should happen to arrive, I’ll squeal with shock and glee (and pay our mortgage payment for May).

Happy May Day by the way! Does no one celebrate May Day anymore? I celebrated it once–in Okinawa. My 6th grade students ran all over the school that May afternoon in 1997 handing out carnations tied with festive ribbon to all the teachers and staff members at OCSI. It was tons of fun, and I got some adorable pics.

I did run this morning, and it was wonderful. I love those times with the Lord. We’re so busy chatting I don’t even notice how hard I’m running. (or rather, how hard I’m not running) You know what? I want to know God more. I want to love Him more, desire Him more, cuddle up closer to Him and just rest. I want nothing to matter to me but His glory. I want to lose myself in Him. I want to walk around all day with a giddy smile on my face, because I’m in love with my God and I’m relishing His gift of life.

It was so nice to drive home from Bible study this morning and not have to hurl.

Nina and I walked around the block today after Ava got on the bus. (You should have seen Nina waving good-bye to her big sister with both arms–not hands, but arms–as hard as she could with a grin on her face as big as Nebraska. Ava was on the bus cracking up.)

So, Nina’s got her hair in a ponytail (2nd time ever maybe), t-shirt and capris, knock-off crocs, singing songs, walking along, stopping at every tree to swing around it singing Ring Around the Rosy. SHE IS SO GROWN UP. And I’m okay with it. But I’m done rushing, hurrying, wanting tomorrow to be here. I’m ready for time to sloooooow down. Our walk took forever. And I loved every second of it.

May is Make The Most Of It Month. (and so are all the other months, but anyway) I’m clearing out clutter, getting rid of the sin that so easily entangles, making room in my life and heart for things. When my girls get out of school June 11th, we’re going to have the best, slooooooowest summer of our lives.

Last thing–please pray rightthisverysecond for my friend Jenny (from Bible study). Her dad was in a car accident this weekend and isn’t expected to live. The doctors said it was a miracle he lived long enough for his family to get to the hospital. Jenny and her hubby and 2-year-old son drove down to NC to be with him. (she’s 8 months pregnant) Her dad is unsaved. So are her mom and brother. Please pray that God would give her the words to say to her daddy and that God would heal him–or at least that he would accept Christ before he dies. Thank you!

Happy Afternoon, friends!! Hugs to you from me!

9 thoughts on “heaps o’ thanks!

  1. mikesandy102

    I just prayed for your friend.  Your post made me do some serious thinking.  I need to do the same thing.  I want to be closer to God. Thank you for sharing.

  2. M3mine

    Prayed for Jenny, too.  I’m far from home right now, but God knows where I am, and He heard me, even where I am.  What a blessing that is! 

    Marla, I love how you talk about God.  I love the idea of cuddling up with God and talking to Him as I would my father (who is with Him in heaven now).  Have you ever thought of writing a devotional book including ideas like that?  For wives, mothers, grandmothers, any female believer? Just wondered…

  3. KmHunsberger

    Nina sounds so absolutely adorable that she could be from a movie scene.

    So May filled up, huh? Does that mean you and Jamie are coming in June? You have until July 31…after that you two are in big trouble if you have not entered my domain

    Praying for Jenny! How awful….in every way… 

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