healthy or bust!

I’m pooped, so I just copied part of the e-mail invite I sent to some friends for our AdvoCare mixer on Tuesday night. I’ll keep you updated on our progress!

Here’s the Scoop. Gabe and I have decided to get healthy. And stay healthy. We’ve been convicted. We’ve been exercising minimally and eating a lot of junk. We haven’t been taking care of the temples God has given us. We’ve been living to eat, giving our hearts and lives to Christ, but not our bodies. Hopefully, that’s about to change.

Friends of ours, Neal and Amanda, have lost a combined total of over 130 pounds in the past few months using a program called AdvoCare. It’s a health and wellness company that was started in 1993 by a Christian man. The company’s number one guiding principle is to “honor God through our faith, family and friends.” They’ve got vitamins and energy drinks and shakes and all kinds of other goodies to help you look better, feel better, live better. (

Gabe has a goal to lose 65 pounds by his 30th birthday (November 25). He’s already lost 7 pounds in 4 days! Both of his dad’s parents died young of heart attacks. So, there’s no better time to get healthy.

Marla wants to lose 5-10 pounds, fit into her pre-prego clothes, get her muscle tone back, and have enough energy to keep up with the kiddies.

We’re getting our families psyched up about getting healthy and trading some fat for muscle. Now we’re hoping a few of our friends will join us in our quest for a healthy lifestyle too. Amanda will be coming to our house Tuesday to share healthy goodies and info about AdvoCare. My sister Stephanie (21, quite responsible) will watch the kiddies in our fenced-in backyard if it’s nice, upstairs if it’s not.

No pressure to get involved. Just come and spend time with us before we move. (Put an offer on our house if you’d like!) RSVP! Free Blushing book to every couple who shows. (thrilling, I know)

Love you all!


3 thoughts on “healthy or bust!

  1. angntug

    Planning on getting tone and all that great stuff in about 8 weeks…..can’t wait! Its probably an awesome feeling knowing you can “get healthy” and “lose baby pounds” now that you’re done being prego…….I’m looking forward to that day, lol! (you look great for just having a baby 4 months ago!)

  2. scottnjes

    Wow, you two are so dedicated to this! I’d like to lose baby weight too. I won’t be making it to the party though. You’d understand if you spent a 20 minute car ride with my daughter how an hour drive seems like eternity. I hope it goes well and that you learn some great, healthy stuff!

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