Have a blessed Easter!

EDIT: (4:00pm) Hey, all! Just wanted to hop on really quick since you left all these fab comments, and I’ve been gone all day long. Not ignoring you! Going to go check out all your blogs right now. And I absolutely, positively want to do a xanga girls get-together! WOOHOO!!

Thanks for listening to me whine, for offering words of encouragement, and for saying a prayer on my behalf. Today was so much better.

My friend Courtney came over and held a mini-garage sale for me in my living room. Her daughter Chloe is three and her summer clothes from last year are the perfect size for Nina this year. I could get used to this kind of shopping! Dump out bin, ooh and ahh over the bright, cheery, adorable little clothes–pajamas, shorts, t-shirts, onesies, dresses for church, cute little outfits–pick out the ones you like best, pay an obscenely low price for the batch, and voila! Nina doesn’t need another thing until September–except for a bathing suit and sandals. I think I can swing that. Thank you sooooo much, Courtney! And not just for the clothes, but for your friendship (and running out to get Chipotle!).

Ava’s nose is looking a little better. I really don’t think it’s broken. Bad Mommy didn’t call the doctor today. First thing in the morning! Bad Mommy also neglected to schedule Nina’s 15-month check-up and shots. First thing tomorrow! Happy 15-month birthday, Nina Gabe!

Got a cool e-mail from a woman today. She’s loving Is That All? after one chapter and is already feeling convicted. I like e-mails that have nothing to do with my distaste for cats. I also got 2 interview requests. One is a radio station out of Duluth, MN and the other is actually a pre-interview screening for a national radio show to see if they like me enough to interview me. Details to come–I’d so appreciate your prayers!

Our Easter get-together with Gabe’s dad’s side of the family was cancelled for Saturday–well, postponed until next Saturday in hopes of better weather. They do a big egg hunt for the kids. Gabe got free tickets (for him and the older two girls) to the Columbus Crew game (professional soccer) Saturday night. They’ll be sitting in the front row (and freezing their buns off). He’s excited to take them to a “real” soccer game. Nina and I can’t decide if we’ll clean out the laundry room or watch a movie.

This whole Lent thing has been good. A conscious reminder of Christ’s sacrifice for me. And I’ve enjoyed reading Reliving the Passion each day. I still want to feel his suffering in a deeper way, but I’m so thankful for my good health, my healthy family, and the fact that I can still worship Him in this country without physical persecution. I love Jesus more than I ever have, but I want to love Him more!

I told Gabe we’d be stopping at McDonald’s on the way to church Sunday morning to get me a Coke! Mmmmm….

Gabe had to work late tonight. He got home at 8:45 instead of 5:15. The girls just couldn’t believe it. They asked me where he was every 5 minutes. I about killed them. Then I realized how incredibly fortunate we are. Gabe never, ever has to work late (well, 30 minutes or so every now and again). He often has a lot to do at home in the evenings, but our girls get lots and lots of Daddy time. They are so blessed.

I’m doing a little sex pep talk for a moms’ group at my sister Bethany’s church on Tuesday. (catch all that?) I’m looking forward to it. I have found talking about sex to be quite fun. The girls and I get to hang out with Bethy for lunch and all afternoon. I love my sisters and don’t see them nearly enough.

I’m in a chatty little mood tonight, but maybe I’ll go work on an actual writing project and save all of you from having to read any longer.

Have the most wonderful Easter! Tell your family you love them! Tell your Savior you love Him! And I love all of you!

25 thoughts on “Have a blessed Easter!

  1. kimbelina

    hey marla! i just wanted to thank you again for sending me your blushing bride book a few months ago. i loved it! i got married in january and i read the book on the plane to hawaii. i just ordered the sex book and i can’t wait to start reading that one too. thanks for writing such real stuff…hilarious too! 🙂

  2. faithchick

    hey marla:)
    have you ever read the books that i have listed on my site today? the writing TOTALLY reminds me of you & kristin. 🙂 It’s hilariously & sarcastically wonderful. 🙂

  3. KmHunsberger

    ^^ no you goof ball!!! ^^ I was saying, Kristin’s new home town is up north by me…so oh forget it…I have too much to do to explain I was inviting you all HERE to MY house!!! I will make sure to have lots of ice cream…..

  4. ch1pch0p

    Kristen, did you just invite us all to Kristin’s house that she hasn’t even closed on yet? LOL

    Marla, I meant to say, I loved my first Crew game last year… by September, though (we were literally given tickets to one game per month last season), I was so sick of them! And I LOVE soccer!

  5. KmHunsberger

    ^^Kim, Marla…everyone else…I was thinking this summer that we should plan a xanga get together…maybe a tad north for you all and somewhere south of me and where Kristin will be living. Anywhere good between me and you? We could have a girly day….wouldn’t that be the BEST!!!

    We live right by the beach so I would invite you all here, but unless you want to sleep on my floor I don’t have enough beds and it would be far enough you would need to stay at least the night. Although…a grown up girls sleep over…that does sound like an ingenious idea. Anyone up for it?

  6. stephaniedawnbasham

    I’ll tell my family that I love them! I love you! And your beautiful girls! And Gabe, too. 🙂

    So jealous of your mini garage sale. I wish people would bring wonderful things to my living room and sell them to me for great prices.

    Happy Easter! Tell Livi and Ava and Nina that I miss them!

  7. ch1pch0p

    I love you, too! I wish I could’ve been the one to bring over Nina-clothes, but I don’t have any. I love being that person!

    We should really get together sometime. It shouldn’t take Kristen coming from Michigan for us to see each other.

  8. rachmckinney

    happy easter to you, too! enjoy the Lord’s day. i love this time of year!
    and you are not a bad mommy for not taking her to the dr. last week e. jumped off her bed and landed on her nose. it was swollen and bruised, but we never took her either. now it ‘s completely fine! so ….no worries, right? i feel full of things i could share today.,…maybe i’ll e mail you.

  9. KmHunsberger

    I was going to suggest the other day that maybe instead of the weather affecting you, maybe you just needed some chocolate and/or soda I think it is awesome that you made it!!!

    So excited to hear of your opportunities. How fun!!! If I lived near by I would so love to come to all of your events and see you in that arena! You do what I one day dream of doing. I am so proud to “know” you

    Isn’t it great when our kids realize their dad’s are missing. Validates how great they truly have it!!!

    Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend with your family!

  10. Abs7

    Happy Easter to your family!

    Is Nina playing a big role in the decision of whether to clean the laundry room or the watch a movie? I hope Gabe and the girls have a great time at the Crew game. Sounds like so much fun… if it was a little warmer.

  11. gsowell

    I feel woefully unprepared for Easter this year…the move has been distracting. I miss the Lent. I will be doing it next year. Is Bethany close to you? I guess Stephanie lives far, but B doesn’t?

    And you mentioned surgery for Ava the other day. Did I miss the details on that? Prayers for you all!

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