happy zoo tour update

Part of me thinks it’s dumb to keep talking about these God-provisions for a zoo trip when there are people who don’t have enough money to buy a bowl of rice. But another part of me knows I’ve already heard from a lot of you who have been encouraged by what I’ve shared, so what the hey?

First of all, I had two encouraging phone chats with friends this afternoon. Holly from Ohio and Joanne from Colorado. You girls are the best!

Cool thing #1: found out from the PR director at the Pittsburgh Zoo that the Summer Zoofari is going on at the zoo on Saturday. Free carousel or train rides for kiddos!

Cool thing #2: Gabe is in Lima all day at the Allen County Fair. He’s helping his brother Tug with a big Christian concert that starts in about 15 minutes. I sadly forked over Zoo Money for his $6 fair admission, $ for lunch and supper, and gas $ for his car.

WELL. Gabe had to pick up his concert ticket at his parents’ house. His mom gave him $10 to get into the fair. And donated another $10 to the Zoo Fund! THEN Gabe got to the fair and got in free (because he’s backstage help). AND he’s been snacking on the band’s food and his parents’ french fries. (teehee) AND he told me he thinks he can get back to C-bus tonight without putting any gas in his car. Well, fabulous!

Cool thing #3 (which seemed like a bummer at first but is really okay): We took our last load to Half Price Books. Lots of good stuff. Prayed about how much $ we’d get. I really thought it would be $30 based on what we took/got the other day. $14. I immediately started regretting all the stuff I’d sold. For pennies. Gave Livi and Ava each $2. Spent $9 at the grocery store (picnic food for the zoos). Looked in my cart and thought, “this is what I got for my books? How depressing.” It’s all good though.

Cool thing #4: Called my friend Missy who lives 20 minutes from the Akron Zoo and invited ourselves to stay with them Wednesday night. 🙂

Cool thing #5: the check we’re waiting on did NOT come today in the mail. HOWEVER, if it doesn’t come tomorrow, Gabe is going to drive to Springfield to get it. I hate to spend the gas $, but at least this isn’t one of his clients in South Carolina. Or Alaska. We can’t go to the zoos without it. With it, we’re going to be just fine.

Thank you for everyone who mentioned a Scripture passage in your comments. I read all of them. And for those of you who said sweet things. Bless you!

Have a great night!

7 thoughts on “happy zoo tour update

  1. mtaviano

    @ladymiss3739 – That stuff is so hit-or-miss (get it. MISS?) 🙂 We prayed about it beforehand and asked God to help us be happy if we only got a little. The girls were fine. I’m still wondering if I did the right thing… I think I did.

  2. mtaviano

    @swbtsmom – We just might take you up on that. Praying about it! We worked out a temporary itinerary the other night, and we were 6 zoos short. We were planning on skipping TX, because it didn’t seem feasible. BUT there are 8 zoos there AND a free place to stay (with a POOL), so… Bless you for your offer, and we’d love to come. We’ve never been to TX!

  3. ladymiss3739

    I hear you on the little money for all that stuff thing.  I was so excited for how you made out the other day!!  I took some things to Once Upon a Child once (get it?  “once…”) and it was bleh.  Were Livi and Ava disappointed?

  4. swbtsmom

    🙂 Just so you know, San Antonio has a world-class zoo, and there is a very nice young grandmother there who issues you an open invitation to enjoy their “friends-and-family-only-b&b, complete with pool – two extra bedrooms, sleeps plenty!

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