happy veteran’s day!!

EDIT: Please pray for my Grandma Yoder. My mom took her (kicking and screaming) to the ER a couple hours ago. She’d had some not-so-hot stuff going on in her body and didn’t tell anyone for 24 hours. (She’s a stinker and hates the hospital.) Pray for peace and comfort for her and wisdom for the doctors. I’m not ready to let her go see Jesus yet, but I’m supposing that call will be up to Him. Thanks, friends!

A huge hug, salute and thank you to all our veterans!! God bless each one of you for your sacrifice and service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nina just peed on the potty. We’re getting there.

It’s really cold. I bundled up for my jog this morning and still wanted to cry a little bit.

I had a wonderful weekend with my family. Thursday night I made some yummies. Friday morning I cleaned. And the masses started arriving at around 2ish. First Josh, Jess and kiddos. Then Kelly, Stew, Bethy, and Stephi. Then Mom and Dad. Then Livi and Ava. Then Camy and kiddos. Then Grandpa. There were 20 of us total, and things got a bit chaotic. But it was a beautiful kind of chaos. Games, chatting, laughing, playing, dressing up, pizza and scrummy stuff.

Kelly, Bethy, Stew and Stephi spent the night. Saturday we went to the Metro Gardens for our impromptu photo shoot in the leaves. So cold, so fun. We made a fun lunch, Mom and Dad came back, then we headed to the thrift store. Bethy got a ton of cute baby clothes–Gap, Old Navy, Children’s Place–for $9. Unreal. And Steph got 2 adorable nativity sets and a cool Advent tree for $3 total. Splendid.

Everybody left around 9, and Kelly spent one more night and went to church with us before we dropped her off at her aunt’s house in Marysville. She heads back to toasty FL today.

I took a looooong nap Sunday and felt kind of mopey after the high of the weekend.

We’re tentatively planning our next zoo trip for the weekend before Thanksgiving. We’re hoping to hit both Nashville and Memphis. If you live near there and want to zoo it with us, let me know! And I’m thinking one or two of you offered to let us stay with you, but I’ll have to check my notes. 🙂

I watched an interview with Sarah Palin (and Greta van Susteren) last night at 10:00. I really enjoy Sarah Palin. She talked about how her Creator opens doors for her, and she plunges right through. But that she doesn’t even know what tomorrow holds. I’m with you, Governor. I love how lovingly blatant her faith is. I want to love Jesus so much that people hate me for it. Better said, I want to be such a beautiful person that when people hate me, it can only be because they hate Jesus. (Okay, so maybe that wasn’t better said after all. Having trouble articulating it.)

Hubby just walked in the door from a run. (“That was a run for the ages,” he said. ????) He’s making obnoxious sounds and trying to get me to look at him. I won’t do it. (I just did it.) He has this little Marla-bloggy radar. If he catches me blogging (or writing anything really, which is a lot of the time), he tries to get under my skin in any way he can. Annoying. Endearing. He’s a dork. But he’s my dork, and I love him.

Off to check on Potty-Girl! Warm hugs for your frigid Tuesday!

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  1. jbnygaard

    Man, I missed that interview….I wanted to see that.

    I”m really, REALLY wanting to go to “Your” thrift store. I’m thinking about making a trip for it. And maybe you…..

    Nina….WOWZERS! Go Nina GO!

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