happy valentine’s day to me!

So, Gabe and Ava went to Once Upon a Child last night at 7:30 for an emergency snow boot run. They came back with a dozen roses! I was SHOCKED. Totally unexpected. We don’t make a big deal of stuff like V-day usually. I was so touched and excited. I’m still grinning. I love you, Gabe!

And inspired by Sergeant Steve, Gabe posed with my beautiful flowers and my LUSH bag from Beth Elaine. (Kevin, you’re next!)

I just posted my thoughts on schooling a few minutes ago. Be sure it read it if you missed it. Happy Valentine’s Day a day early!

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  1. Hoffmom

    Your blog moves so fast, Marla.  If you miss reading a few days, you miss entire conversations, questions, opportunities to win things….good grief!  I’m sad I missed the schooling discussion, seeing as how you had hardly any current homeschoolers comment.  I wanted to just list the things that I really enjoy about homeschooling. 

    1. How our hearts as a family are knit together.  There is a natural closeness that comes from doing everything together…all heading the same directions, same goals, giving and taking…all the time.  I think especially in the early years, this strong family relationship is important. 

    2.  The opportunity to tailor my kids’ education to their individual needs….their strengths and weaknesses.  The fun of being completely responsible and in charge of everything that they learn!  (I LOVE teaching them to read)  Also, the fun of learning things again along with them.

    3.  The TIME to really invest in my kids spiritual development.  It’s perfectly natural for us to be having ongoing dialogue about everything they encounter each day.  They get used to relating everything, no matter how small, to the big, eternal picture.  They are comfortable and used to asking us questions, discussing things, we are their gold standard for answers right now! 

    4.  I like the flexibility to take opportunities to minister as a family….in our neighborhood, in our ministry, travelling with dh, with AWANA, in local summer sports….but, it’s something that we do all together.  My kids learn to be witnesses alongside of mom and dad, partaking in ministry with us to train them for future opportunities.

    5.  I love that my kids at this point are so innocent of the ‘survival-of-the-fittest’ mentality that goes on in elementary school.  Kids are increasingly cruel.  Even if you are lucky enough to not be the ones picked on….there is incredible pressure to join in putting others down.  My kids have no comprehension or desire to compete/compare themselves with others or any awareness of how they measure up in the pecking order.  They are comfortable just being themselves.  Again….something I think is important in the early years.

    We are very open as to the future.  We may end up putting one or all of our kids into school at some point.  We feel pretty strongly right now that homeschooling is important in the early years when character foundation, family relationships and educational patterns are established.  The longer we do it, the more we love it…..so we just don’t know.  But we are open to God’s leading, and aren’t dogmatic on it for the future.  And, we have lots of friends who don’t homeschool.  It’s really none of our business…I trust that they are seeking God’s leading for their family.  I don’t crusade for homeschooling or try to tell someone it’s the answer to their parenting problems!  I do share what blessings we have enjoyed though, when asked about it.

  2. ladymiss3739

    That bag just isn’t his color.  I think you should keep it.  Happy Valentine’s Day and it looks like I missed some rousing “conversation” on home schooling.  Maybe we can talk politics next?   

  3. luvmynoah

    WOW to that picture!  That is too stinkin’ funny!  You need to frame that and put it on your desk!  That will bring so much inspiration!  It’s nice to feel and be loved so much!!  Way to go GABE!

  4. bethelaine

    i am dying of laughter!!!!!!!!!!!!  can’t wait to show steve this picture tonight!

    by the way, i noticed that you and steve are friends on facebook now.  i asked him if he know who you were, and he said, “not really, but i saw that she was also friends with you, so i figured it was ok.”  then i responded, “she’s the one that wrote the sex book.”  to which he said, “ooohhhh.  did you ever thank her for me?” 

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