happy turkey-birthday, sweet potato!

Today is Gabe’s 34th birthday. He was born on Thanksgiving too. (His mama has a fun story about that.) I wasn’t around (I was born, just not around) when Gabe first came into the world, but I’ve known him for quite some time now.

Our first “official” meeting was on the basketball court at Scioto Hills Camp on June 9, 1996. But I have a picture of us (it’s framed and sitting on our kitchen counter), on a bench at camp in 1993, with Gabe’s old girlfriend sitting between us. (Neither of us really remember the picture being taken.)

When we were counselors, the girl campers had a name for my husband-to-be. They called him Gabe the Babe. I think I feel a birthday acrostic coming on…


G od is #1 in your life, and there’s nothing you want more than to bring Him glory.

A ny time we (the girls or I) need you, you’re there for us.

B ecause of you, I’m a better woman than I realized I could be.

E ven when life stinks, you don’t.

T aviano is a way cooler name than Yoder–thanks for that.

H ow did you get so good at being a dad to girls?

E verything you put your mind to, you can do. You’re amazing really.

B efore I met you, I didn’t know what love was.

A re you gagging at the sappy and wondering what I did with your wife?

B abe, you make me smile every single day of my life.

E ach day I thank my God for making you mine. I love you.

9 thoughts on “happy turkey-birthday, sweet potato!

  1. janelle

    I remember the Gabe the Babe chapter……. the day I left Scioto w/ Tug in the car….I told him… ” I will put a dollar down, Gabe will be going with her !” ( didn’t know your name, smile ) The time you wrestled…for what ever reason……the time you went to ER with him…. the DIVINE CONNECTION…can not be denied….thank You JESUS…thank YOU for GABE when he truly was a “babe”…. baby – for giving him to each one of us…. He is a great DAD, husband , son, brother…friend to many… and a CHILD OF THE KING…thanx for Gabe !

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