happy, tired, grateful, achy, blessed

We had an amazing weekend. God provided in mind-blowing ways. I felt pretty good most of the time, feel pretty lousy now. Met Tommy and Martha and Breanna–love them. Saw Krista and fam–love them. Incredible animals and experiences. Praise you, God! You are drop-dead awesome.

Give-away winner and more zoo commentary tomorrow!

Tavianos and Garretts

Arriving with Breanna



Duck boat ride

Marla and Krista

Taviano and Wright kids

Entering zoo<

Mama and baby gorilla

15 thoughts on “happy, tired, grateful, achy, blessed

  1. gsowell

    Aw. I thought about you at Krista’s all Saturday afternoon. I considered trying to come visit, but Susannah was still iffy. Looks like you had a great weekend, and I’m so glad you had some time with the Wrights! FYI, my in-laws live about an hour from Mesker Park Zoo. We may try to hit it up soon.

  2. kkakwright

    the gorilla’s boobs….they look……familiar.  i can’t believe i just wrote that.

    kainie looks filthy from dinner.  filthy but cute.  love you.  prayed for your safe travels.  glad you are back.

  3. Kdelayne

    Your pictures are super amazing!  you must have one awesome camera – and must be a great photographer, too, of course.  I feel like I was at the zoo!

    Feel better!

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