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Baby news: Little Emmett Brian (named after my great-grandpa and his daddy) weighed 8 pounds even (just like me). Christy didn’t have to have a c-section. Last time–thank you for praying!

So, I didn’t tell Livi and Ava that Aunt Bethy was coming yesterday. Kept it a secret all weekend. Ava and Nina and I are grocery shopping yesterday morning, and I’m buying canned pumpkin. Ava was so impressed that you could buy pumpkin that way. “It’s for pumpkin bread,” I tell her. “Can we make it when we get home?” she asks. “If we have time. That’d be cool because then Aunt Bethy could have some.” Oops. “Aunt Bethy?” says Ava. “When’s Aunt Bethy coming?” Think fast. “I mean, maybe we shouldn’t make it today,” I say. “Maybe we should save it for a time when Aunt Bethy is coming…” She let it go, didn’t think another thing of it. Livi would have been all over that. Whew.

So, they were completely surprised when they got off the bus and she was there. Ava scored a goal last night, so that was super cool. And Bethy and I had a splendid time sipping, browsing, chatting. Her toasted marshmallow hot chocolate made her feel sick, so it was pretty much 10% sipping, 20% browsing, 70% chatting. Fun, fun.

I’ve decided to spill the beans about the fabulous, generous thing Tug and Angie gave us. TWELVE FREE 8X8 PHOTO BOOKS FROM SHUTTERFLY. Are you kidding me?!? The codes expired September 30, and I about killed myself, but I got them done. All $400 worth (including the FREE shipping). Seven Christmas gifts (that’s why I wasn’t going to tell, but who cares?) and five for us. Poor Gabe. I miscounted how many I had done and thought I saved one for him to do as a mini-portfolio of his photography. He uploaded all the pictures, blah, blah, blah, only to discover I’d used them all. Oops!

12 free photo books. I just can’t get over it. We’ve gotten 3 already in the mail (they look so cool!). 9 to go!

Mom and Dad came to watch Livi play soccer tonight. We didn’t tell the girls they were coming. These surprises are just too much fun. They treated us to DQ afterwards. Mmmm…

Writing news. No dice on the book cover change. Things are a little pooh-y right now. Got my contract for the gift book I’m doing–What to Pray When You’re Expecting. Have to have a writing sample done by the 19th. And found out that one of the McGraw-Hill novels I just did all those pages for–not going to use it. I have to read a replacement novel and write all new pages. Good news–I get paid for the ones they’re not using. Bad news–more writing for this month.

So, September was supposed to be so crazy. I think it was, looking back, but most of my writing stuff was just postponed until October. So this is the new crazy month. But also the Adventure of a Lifetime month. And Satan-on-the-attack month, but I’ve got my dukes up.

The other day when both girls wanted to play a game on my computer…
Me: Can one of you be so kind as to let the other one go first?
Livi and Ava: (silence)
Me: Livi? Please?
Livi: Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
Livi: (pouting) I wish I wasn’t so kind! I don’t like it! I like getting my own way!

They’re still fighting like cats and dogs, but we had a nice moment tonight. After the soccer game, they sat on the couch together for a half hour and chatted and drew pictures and were generally lovely to one another. Until it was time for bed, then they pushed each other to be first up the stairs…
Gabe is mailing that special thing to someone tomorrow… After she gets it, I can share. It won’t be especially meaningful to anyone but her, but that’s okay.

Man, that is more than enough for a Tuesday night post. Have a splendiferous day!

15 thoughts on “happy thoughts

  1. terriwright

    The girls being ‘nice’ reminds me of the joke about the 2 boys whose Mom said “Jesus would let the other person go first” and the boy says to his brother: “OK. You be Jesus.” Kids are a hoot.

    You have evidently NOT been getting much rest. Remember: this is the best, most awesome month of your life! (Please don’t tell Satan…he’ll try to trip ya!)

  2. faithchick

    12 free photo books???  holy moley.  how stinking exciting.  that’s even better than a lifetime supply of chocolate, you’re right.

    did you get any sleep trying to get them done in time??

    i also enjoyed your entire post…very full & fun. 🙂

  3. kkakwright

    My mom always gives Shutterfly books.  My kids love them.  They think it is sooo cool to get books that have pictures of themselves in them. 

    You should start writing suspense novels, you have been so secretive lately. 😉

  4. ClutzyButtercup

    Nice save on the Aunt Bethy slip! 

    If it makes you feel any better…When Paul Richard was about 8, he was praying for his sister to be healed.  I asked him what one thing he would want if that happened…He said to be able to argue with her.  I guess he had seen some of his friends arguing with their siblings and thought he was really missing out!  I have to say that he has always been a very loving and patient brother.

  5. Abs7

    I can’t wait until Ava and Livi are past the fighting stage and become the bestest of friends. It’s bound to happen, it’s just a question of when.

  6. Nixter77

    I am praying for you dear friend about the whole book poo-y thing and for your new crazy, Adventure of a Lifetime,Satan-on-the-attack month.

    Glad your cousin and baby are well, that you got cool free photo books and that you got to hang with your sister – how fun!

    Love You!

  7. stephaniedawnbasham

    Seriously??? 12 free photo books???? Is there any stinking way I can get free photo books???? 🙂

    I love hearing about Livi and Ava’s conversations. That’s too funny about Ava letting the Aunt Bethy comment slide when Livi never would have done such a thing. So, so true.

    Mmmm… pumpkin bread. You’ve inspired me. I think I’ll make some this week.

  8. angntug

    Ok..so I’ve gotten 5 of my photo books in the mail and I LOVE them! I am soo excited about giving these as christmas gifts this year because they’re soo meaningful! Glad you got to do 12 of them!!!

  9. tonialynn59

    Wow that was a full post and I loved reading every word of it!  That is so cool about the photo books!  What a gift!!!  If I ever get to Ohio…..  Can’t wait to hear who the lucky person is to get the gift being sent.  You’re just full of surprises and adventure and I just love it!

  10. gsowell

    Where in the world did Tug and Angie get all the free books? That’s incredible! How very, very fabulous! When I come visit, I MUST see the ones you kept for yourselves. Now I am inviting myself for a visit. Sheesh!

    Delightful visits with family. I am so glad you can do those fairly frequently.

    You really ought to look into this study we’re doing: Spiritual Warfare by Chuck Lawless and John Franklin. Oh so good. Very helpful for recognizing Satan’s schemes and being equipped to stand strong. Prayed that for you just now!

    Sorry about your book cover. No hope of it going your way?

    That is quite a long enough comment for a Tuesday night. G’night!

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