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How can a person who has everything–a wonderful husband and three healthy daughters, the opportunity to do what she loves for a living (from home, no less), no health problems, a slew of loving family members and friends, and a relationship with Jesus Christ, to name a few–find so much to complain about?!


  • xanga friends who pray for me and lovingly remind me that i am blessed.
  • my husband’s amazing discipline in losing 33 pounds in less than 2 months.
  • a six-month-old who lights up our home with her antics.
  • two daughters who are turning into little women (egads!) right before my eyes.
  • wonderful, honest women who have shared phenomenal thoughts about in-laws.
  • two new nephews in two months.
  • my baby sister’s upcoming wedding
  • fridays
  • friends in other countries
  • nina’s little feet and toes
  • summer days with low humidity
  • harvest house taking a chance with me
  • movie/moolatte night with Gabe last night
  • soft green grass–i don’t think i could ever live somewhere w/o it.
  • the dream of traveling the world someday
  • inheriting Gabe’s computer when he gets his new iMac.
  • having my sins washed away before i even commit them.

Little one with the little toes needs to eat. Happy Weekend, Friends!

17 thoughts on “happy thoughts

  1. KmHunsberger

    Sounds like you had a rough day/s while I was gone. But the last thing I got to read was this post…in which you yet again turned it all around and encouraged us, your readers, through your struggle. I just have to say that I appreciate YOUR honesty and transparency. When I read authors such as Beth Moore or yourself I guess I always marvel at them bc I assume they have the magic key that makes their lives perfect…ie: handle every situation that arises perfectly; never get frazzled, etc. But upon reading your book and “knowing” you through this, I can see that you are a woman just like us, trying to do the best you can for your family and be the best child that you can be for your Father. So in essence, just the little glimpse we all get into your life through xanga is a blessing and encouragement…so thank you.

    Hopefully this week will be a huge boost for you…in marvelous ways!

  2. ryans1babe

    Chuck’s didn’t have hot shots before 1997?!  They are a piece of white bread topped with sliced roast beef or turkey, mash potatoes and gravy..  SOO good!

  3. ryans1babe

    Marla, Thanks for sending me the Blushing Bride book. I just finished it this afternoon, and it was encouraging and challenging all at the same time!  Keep up the GREAT work writing…I can’t wait to read the in-laws book!  I am going to pass this book on to my sister-in-law and buy it for several other newly married girlfriends!  Have you thought about writing one for moms?!

  4. mtaviano

    Thank you, browser. I was thinking that same thing. I often look at my kids as an interruption in my “job” and “life,” but God has given them to me as my job and life right now. All other things (well, besides God and Gabe) are really the interruptions, not them.

    Findlay Girl, took a walk this morning w/o the girls like you suggested. It was wonderful! This day is gorgeous!

  5. biblestorebrowser

    You know that little “sermonette” on accepting, excepting and expecting gifts that I shared? I’ve thought since writing that it goes even better for motherhood. I get to thinking I “deserve” to eat, to sleep, to do things I want to do, to have obedient little girls. (What better gifts for us busy moms?) And it only breaks my spirit when things don’t go as planned. I really liked what Bethany said on her tribute to your dad for Father’s Day: He doesn’t expect the nice things (like a meal when he gets home) so he can be thrilled if they happen! Oh, if we could be like him in that respect! I wonder, what does it take to get to the point where we can consistently lower our expectations enough that we don’t get disappointed about the little things, and yet not become cynical if the unexpected things never happen? Someone who can do that must have great joy!
    Praying for you as always. . .

  6. ch1pch0p

    That just humbled me. I should really take the time to make such a list for myself. Maybe I could just say “ditto” to most of yours? 🙂

    Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  7. YoYoYoder

    writing “I am thankful for…” lists always brighten my day! I should make one everyday!!

    what exactly is a moolatte??

    yea, I get to see you again on Sunday!! I’m so excited!!

  8. faithchick

    yay for happy thoughts!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    and inherited computers…
    and fridays…
    and harvest house…

    (…and 2.5 more hours til I no longer have a temporary child…wait…that wasn’t on your list…)

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