happy flag day!

1. Today is my niece Anna’s 4th birthday. I think someone should write a book about what it is like to be four. I forget. Ava has just 6 more days ’til she gets to be four too. She’s been waiting for this day for months! Happy Birthday, Anna!

2. Nina is spitting. It’s one of her favorite pastimes. She puts her lips together and blows until she has to take a breath. Bubbles and drool come flying out of her mouth. Then she squeals and grins. And so on and so forth. I know that all babies in the universe do this, but I am captivated by her genius. 🙂 And she refuses to do it when I have the video camera out.

3. I am doing what I can to share myself equally with my three daughters. I’m not paranoid about doing everything “fairly,” and I’m trying to appreciate/learn more about their individuality, but I do want to make sure not to leave Nina out in the “making memories” department. Trying to take lots of pics/video. (of Livi and Ava too, and not just when they are holding Nina!) I had a dear, dear teacher friend who had three kids. She told me once that she made stockings for each of them when they were little. She still hadn’t finished the one for her youngest, and she was 15. 🙂 Her daughter knew that her momma loved her though, and my dear friend passed away last year in a motorcycle crash. Don’t know why I said all that…just feeling reflective.

4. Not to keep beating a dead horse with this survey thing, but I have 27 now! THANK YOU! www.taviano.com/survey
What are your thoughts about husbands/mothers-in-law answering a few questions for me? More on that tomorrow.

5. My friend Cami just stopped by–the brilliant photographer. http://www.ackermanimaging.com
We had a teary-eyed talk about living each day to the fullest, enjoying our children, not knowing if we have a tomorrow. Her husband is a type 1 diabetic, and she has faced the reality of losing him many a time. I could talk forever about the importance of cherishing those we love and not letting petty things get to us. (oh, I need to work on that!) Instead, I’m going to take my girls to the park like I promised them–far, far away from my computer and my surveys and everything else that competes with them for my attention.

Tell someone you love today–I love you. Take time to make someone feel special. Spend time talking to God. Live like you were dying. (I’m not a big country music fan–just know that’s a Tim McGraw song.)


6 thoughts on “happy flag day!

  1. mtaviano

    Kristen, your survey was NO worse than anyone else’s. I wanted HONESTY, and that’s what you gave me. You were only sharing things that hurt you. We’ve all been there. God WILL give you a better relationship someday because of your sweet and humble spirit. Hopefully the book will help.

  2. KmHunsberger

    After the survey…I felt like a jerk. I feel like I threw up negative comments about my mother-in-law ALL OVER YOU. I truly am thankful for what I do have with my in-laws…even though I pray for more one day. I can’t wait to read your book!

  3. mtaviano

    shoot, i WAS going to make the book one big gripe. now i won’t be able to. do you think stew and sue would fill out surveys? would they be honest? what about nate, steve jr., and scott? really, this book isn’t about in-laws at all. it’s about the peters family. the other people are all decoys.

  4. bethelaine

    i started your book last night.  i had a very hard time putting it down!  i stayed up way too late, so i’m blaming you for the fact that i’m realy tired at work today.  🙂

  5. YoYoYoder

    In reference to my previous comment–I didn’t mean that you were going to allow your book to be just one big bitter and complaining session. I just read it over and it sounded like I thought you were going to just diss on in-laws in your book. I DO NOT think that by any means!! Okay, just wanted to clarify that. I’m so excited about your books and that I get a chance to put in my own two cents. Yea!!

  6. YoYoYoder

    I DEFINITELY think you should try to get as many husbands as you have wives fill out the surveys. And YES on the mother-in-laws, too. You don’t want your book to turn into a complete bitter and complaining session with quotes from wives who don’t like their in-laws. Give the mother-in-laws a chance to speak up and give us THEIR side!! And the husbands should explain why it’s hard to stand up for their wife instead of their mother (the one that took care of them for so many years and gave BIRTH to them!) Getting as many sides as possible will really make your book more interesting and help us young wives understand our in-laws. I’m excited to read what you discover!! I love you Marsy!!

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