happy double birthday!!

Happy, Happy Birthday to my favorite MOM and one of my favorite SISTERS!

Two amazing people very, very high on my “Who I Love” list. Bethany was born on Mom’s 31st birthday several years ago. (And Dad was born on his dad’s 31st birthday a few years before that. And 4ish years ago, my nephew Ethan was born on my BIL Daniel’s birthday. And 8 weeks ago, my niece Isabelle–the doll in the pic below–was born on Gabe’s birthday.) We’ve got a family tradition going.

I’d it if you’d go wish them a happy day. Mom lives here, and Bethy lives here.

I love you, Mom and Bethany! Have a beautiful birthday!

Grandma and Papaw

Bethany and Isabelle

A wrestling picture-post coming later today. (oh, yes) Then tomorrow is my last blog on xanga. Hope you’ll join me at my new place! Have an awesome Thursday!!

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