happy birthday to you!

Today is my husband’s 31st birthday! Happy Birthday, Gabe! Actually, it’s 2 minutes ’til midnight, but it will be his b-day by the time I finish this blog. Then I will go and wake him up for birthday well-wishes (he’s in his recliner where he fell asleep watching tv about an hour ago).

Before I get to Gabe, let me just say that today was a lovely day. Besides poor Ava having a fever almost the entire day, we had a great time with my family. We got there around 10 and hung out with my fam (I held Ava). Stew and Bethy got there around 11:30 or so, bearing b-day gifts for me and Gabe. They got me an MP3 player/voice recorder! Do you remember me saying I wished I could record my writing thoughts while I’m out running? Woohoo! (of course, this means I’ll have to get back in the running groove…) And they got Gabe a remote-controlled indoor helicopter. Sweet. Stew got one too and they flew them over our turkey dinner. (not really. well, sort of.)

We ate yummy food, scrumpsh desserts, played lots of games (three rounds of euchre with Bethy, Jess, and Dad, then Cranium with a bunch of us girls), loved on my niece and nephews, held Ava (oh, she didn’t feel well!), ate some more. We missed Stephi and Daniel but are making BIG plans for their week-long stay over Christmas.

Okay, back to Gabe.

You know I’m not overly-gushy about my man, but I sure did pick a good one. I never would have guessed when I met him 11 years ago that he would have made such a loving husband and daddy–especially to three little girls! He just keeps getting better with age. He knows me better than anyone else. (and yes, that can be infuriating at times). He loves me when I absolutely don’t deserve it. He’s just fabulous.

His talents astound me. I still can’t believe all the things he’s good at and how our gifts complement each other. When we first got married, I thought, “Man, I want to be a missionary, and my computer-freak husband will never want to leave the internet and live in a hut in Africa with me.” Well, glory be, would you look at what God did? He’s giving us ministry opportunities out the wazoo (okay, maybe that’s the wrong phrase to use), and He did it an unforeseen, crazy way. We get to be missionaries from our homes, out in our community, and I just know He’ll let us travel the world someday. And now, thanks to the iPhone, Gabe can design websites from remote African villages.

He wants God to be glorified, not himself, and I’m so, so thankful for that.

He’s attractive to me for a million reasons, and I think I’ll just share the rest of them with him. Thank you, Gabe, for the best 10 years of my life. There is NOWHERE I’d rather be than by your side for the rest of our days on earth. I love you, birthday boy!

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  1. Hoffmom

    I was catching up on blogs Sat night and read about your girlies being sick again….Nina puking, etc.  I thought to myself that you seem to have an unusual amt of puking in your family!!  Seems like every other month, and I was trying to remember how long it had been since one of our kids had done so.  Nearly two years, I decided.  Leah has never puked in her whole 2yrs of life.  Why, I wondered?  Are some families just more prone?  Is it environmental?  Who knows.

    Well, one should NEVER EVER speculate on such blessings.  Wouldn’t you know that yesterday Leah cried the whole way home from church and then promptly began throwing up all over the living room.  And continued to do so into the evening.  I feel wretchedly guilty that she was in a crowded nursery all morning even though there was no way I could have known. 

    Was it simply a coincidence that this happened 12 hours after being so thankful we’re not one of those ‘puking’ families.  HA!  I wonder.  Now we wait humbly for whoever’s next. 

    Oh, and happy birthday to Gabe.  Didn’t mean to bunny trail, but thought you might find my situation humerous.  🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Glad you had such a nice day Sun…Hope your little one is feeling better soon. Hate it when they feel so sick – but love the cuddling! Thanks for being an example of a Godly wife – loving and serving your hubby!

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