Happy Anniversary!

Um, okay, day 10 of crampiness and contractions and thinking “I’m definitely going into labor today.” Yeah, right. Whatever. I probably won’t have her until Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of love, today is our 8th anniversary. How fun! It’s been amazingly romantic so far. I’ve made breakfast, folded laundry, changed sheets, taken a shower, and let my daughters finger paint on my belly. 🙂 Now, we’re getting ready to make a trip to Wal-Mart and eat some sort of fast food. Then we’ll take down the Christmas tree. Then naps for the girls.

THEN Gabe and I will go out for our anniversary. We’re a little hesitant to go too far. Don’t want to have a baby in the car on the highway. On the other hand, it could be days and days before she comes, and when will we have the chance to be alone again?? My mom and sister Steph are watching Livi and Ava. They’re so wonderful. I’m awfully thankful that we didn’t move to TN.

I hope to get my color postcards from Harvest House soon advertising my book. If anybody wants a handful, let me know! Two more months. I’m really excited to see it. That’s all for now!

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