happy 8th birthday, livi!

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Girl! I love you so much!

Eight Things (out of zillions) I Love About Livi (in her favorite color)

1. I love to watch her love on her littlest sister and play so sweetly with just-a-bit younger sister.

2. I love the way she beams (and gets a little shy) when she does something she’s proud of–a cool piece of art, a story, catching a huge fish on Daddy’s iPhone fishing game.

3. I love finding a shirt or pair of jeans for her at the thrift store that isn’t too itchy, fits her just right, doesn’t gap, and is just the right color, length and fabric. I can tell instantly that she loves it, and it fills my heart with joy.

4. I love her sweet, sensitive spirit–how she always knows when someone is hurting or needy and how it touches her heart in a big way.

5. I love to hear her pray–she thanks God for all her blessings, asks Him for things she needs, and explains to Him what’s going on in her day.

6. I love how beautiful she is–her thick, wavy hair, her sweet, pretty face, those light-up eyes, that perfect nose, that long, lean, gangly body. She’s beautiful.

7. I love her creative genius. She’s always looking for ways to express what’s going on inside her heart and brain–through words or pictures or inventions or whatever. Her creativity is inspiring.

8. I love seeing how she grows and changes every day. She’s always learning, always moving, always becoming more and more like the woman she’ll be someday. And I’m hanging on to each sweet moment, because they FLY.

I love you, Livi Lou!

I’m going to print this out and put it in Livi’s b-day card tonight. If you want to leave her a Happy Birthday greeting, please do. I’m going to print those out too. She’ll LOVE it. Words of affirmation, you know. 🙂

15 thoughts on “happy 8th birthday, livi!

  1. jbnygaard

    Happy belated birthday Livi!!! I’m so sorry I didn’t see your mom’s blog until today! But I hope you had an awesome day on your BIG day!

    You are so sweet and so special to me and I thank God for the sweet person that you are. You always play so nicely with Eden and Erik and they ALWAYS love playing with you! You are so good about sharing and being so thoughtful.

    Love ya!

  2. rocknnell

    Livi,  I remember a picture your Mommy & Daddy took with you under the Christmas tree…. and YOU have been a true present to all of us.  God knew how to break us in with grandkids, with YOU.  JOY….did God whisper in your Mommy & Daddys’ ear….to what YOU would bring to us ?  JOY ?  It just is in your being….joy, others…and love.  Happy 8th Birthday Livi…Papaw & I love you so much !

  3. YoYoYoder

    Happy 8th Birthday my sweet Livi Joy! I love it that we have the same middle name. You are so incredibly dear to my heart and I love you so much! I wish you lived closer so we could hang out more often. I hope your birthday was FABulous! Isabelle sends her love, too!

  4. dabasham

    Hey Livi! Happy 8th Birthday!! Stephanie and I are so proud of you and love you very very much. We miss you and can’t wait to see you and all the others in just a few weeks. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! See you soon.

  5. stephaniedawnbasham

    Happy Birthday Livi! I love you so very much that I can’t even say it in words. You were the very first of all my nieces and nephews, and because of that, I’ll always remember the day you were born in the most special way. You were so beautiful and sweet, and you still are! I’m so proud to be your aunt. I miss you so much! I can’t wait to see you at Christmas! I love you Livi!!!

  6. allieanne

    Happy Birthday Livi!!! I actually remember the day you were born! Your wonderful Aunt Bethany was my suite mate in college and she was so excited to have her first niece born sharing middle names! I can’t believe that was 8 years ago!
    Love, Allison

  7. filledeparis

    Happy Birthday from Paris, Livi! Maybe your Mom will bring you here one day! =0)You are God’s unique creation! There could be no other Livi Taviano! There is no one else on the planet with your laugh, your smile, your creativity, your beauty!
    Hope you have a fun day,

  8. jessyomama

    Josh and I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And so do Anna, Ethan, and Gavin! They look forward to seeing you so much when we go to Grandma’s House or Aunt Marla’s House because they love it that such a big kid wants to play with them. Thanks for being so sweet and generous with your little cousins. They really love you! Almost as much as we do! 😉   ~Aunt Jess

  9. gsowell

    Livi, have the happiest of birthdays! I haven’t known you long, but I love you lots! You are a sweet, smart, super young lady, and I’m thrilled whenever you get to come visit with your family. Enjoy this day, and the extra attention it brings. Praying that God showers blessings on you today, and every day.

    Ms. Gail

  10. YoGrandmaYo

    Happy 8th birthday, Livi!:)  How can you be 8 already?!:)  I remember the day you were born, almost like it was yesterday!:)  You are growing into a beautiful young lady, Livi……not just on the outside, but on the inside, too, where it REALLY counts!:)  As you know, you are the oldest of my 7 grandchildren.:)  And today, on your birthday, little Isabelle Kate turns 1 week old!:)  These younger ones will be looking up to you, Livi, and I know that you will be a good example for them to follow!  Papaw and I are SO VERY PROUD of you, Livi, and we love you SO VERY MUCH!:)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:)

  11. FlyingCAB

    Happy Birthday Livi!  Your mom is right, you are a beautiful young lady and a wonderful big sister – I know it’s not easy always but you are doing a great job!!  I hope you have a great 8th birthday!!  – Christy 

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