happy 7th birthday, nina gabe!!

Oh, Nina. We just love you so much. You bring joy upon joy upon joy to our family on a daily basis. We are soooooo thankful for you and can’t imagine our lives without you!!

Happy happy 7th birthday, sweet girl!!

There are a MILLION things to love about you, but I’ll just pick seven on this special day.

1. I love how lovable you are. People just fall in love with you wherever we go.

2. You love life and have joy bubbling up inside of you (almost) all the time. And it’s contagious.

3. I love your intensity. You go all out, you feel deeply, and you let your feelings show.

4. I love that brain of yours. You amaze me pretty much every day with the things you think up and figure out at your age.

5. I love, love, love your heart for the people of Cambodia.

6. I love the love you share with your sisters. Melts a mama’s heart.

7. You’re CRAZY. Hilarious and crazy. Just my kind of girl.

I also love your cute cheeks, your infectious laugh, and your wild sense of humor. I love your rhythm and dance moves (you are so not your mother’s daughter when it comes to that), your willingness to try new things (cricket!), and the way you’re obsessed with patting my bottom whenever I’m standing at the kitchen counter.

I love your hugs and your kisses and the way you like to cuddle. I love the way you read and your amazing ability to learn new things quickly, and the super-duper sensitivity you have toward others. I love your sense of style and the way you jump up and down when you’re excited, and the way you beam and glow when someone compliments you.

I love you, Nina Gabriel. We all do. Thank you, God, for the gift of Nina! xoxoxoxoxo!!

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