Happy 30th, Baby!

When Gabe and I first started dating, for whatever the reason, I thought his birthday was November 28th. For our first Christmas together, I made him a photo calendar and wrote birthdays and holidays in the little squares. November 28, 1996–Gabe’s 20th birthday! Thankfully, before I gave him the calendar, I somehow discovered he was actually born on the 25th. Oops! I put a big Thanksgiving sticker over my mistake, and wrote “Gabe’s 20th birthday!” on the proper square.

So, in honor of the 10-year anniversary of Gabe’s not-birthday, here is a tribute to my 30-years-and-3-days-old husband:

G —God is first in my husband’s life. The more time that goes by, the more he wants to know who God is and grow closer and closer to Him. Watching him grow drives me to grow, too.

–As attractive as the day we met. The girl campers all had a crush on my future hubby, the camp counselor, and called him “Gabe the Babe.” The name still applies today. Even more so actually.

–Best daddy three little girls could ever, ever want. They adore him. Their eyes light up when he walks in the door from work. They roar with laughter when he plays with them and tickles them. He invents games and stories and teaches them life lessons they’ll remember forever. They are blessed beyond measure.

–Real, honest, a man of integrity–what you see is what you get. No games, no dishonesty. He’s the real deal, and I trust him with every ounce of me.

–In love with his wife unconditionally after all this time and all the grief she’s put him through. He loves her mind, her body, her spirit–unexplainable, but he makes it beautifully obvious.

–Ever-learning, ever-growing, he is fascinated by the world around him. He wants to know more and more, never content with the knowledge and skills he possesses today. Always has something interesting to discuss, and his wife finds this very attractive.

–Life wouldn’t be life without him in it. I need him. We need him. He is such a vital part of us. He’s why I wake up in the morning.

Thank you, Lord, for Gabe. Happy Birthday, gorgeous! I love you!

14 thoughts on “Happy 30th, Baby!

  1. KmHunsberger

    Marla…you are such an instigator 🙂 You just had to reassure me of the fact that I do have twins in there! I cannot imagine your friend….wow! That would be such a shock if you had twins when you thought you were done, or on your third or fourth…which ended up being fourth and fifth. Good grief. So many girls fantasies about having twins…I am NOT one of them 🙂 I have felt a lot of movement from the baby, and I am banking on just one being in there! 🙂

  2. gsowell

    Ditto to all the “sweet tribute” comments.

    What I noticed is this:
    A. I am older than Gabe by about 6 months.
    B. I read about other people’s lives, and I think they sound so grown up and adult, and that they have everything together. I think of myself as about 23 years old and newly married. I’m so NOT that anymore! I am older than this Gabe guy who seems like such a grown up. Wow.

  3. kkakwright

    Gabe the Babe.   Boy, that brought back some memories.  I can remember all those girlies talking about him in the pop shop. 

    10 years you guys have been together.  Congrats to that!

  4. gtaviano

    Lendy – the view is great up here on cloud 9, lol! Thanks for the great post Marla – that made my day! I’m glad you chose to go with Gabriel……four compliments for Gabe would have been enough too!

  5. lendy_p

    What a sweet tribute! He should be floating on cloud 9 about now. 🙂

    I wanted to let you know that my MIL LOVED your book. She bought two more off Amazon to give to her granddaughter and soon2b granddaughter-in-law 🙂 She was very impressed with many things you said.

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