green friday

The girls begged and pleaded and cajoled and lower-lipped us all morning until we gave in and went to get our Christmas tree. Once again, Techno Daddy-O is putting together a little memory video of the whole experience.

It’ll be ready later today, but here’s last year’s in case you’re all tired and worn-out from Thanksgiving and Black Friday and need some mindless “entertainment” to keep you going.

11 thoughts on “green friday

  1. Betsy

    Hint, Hint, Hint…our first Christmas tree (when we had just moved the week before), was brought to us from “friends” from our church…it had been the Church’s tree, and hadn’t had enough water. Water that tree daily…they suck it up like a baby needing a bottle. By Christmas Day because it was so dry, we were afraid to light it. And we were finding needles all over the apartment. “Former Fireman’s Wife”

  2. Shalla

    AWESOME!! We have yet to have Thanksgiving in the Johnson household yet. Hack Hack Hack – postponed till Sunday 🙂 But I think we are getting our tree Sat. morning!!! Love the video

  3. Holly

    Okay….can Nina please STOP growing? Can’t believe how young she looks just one year ago….and now she is looking all grown up! EEEeeeekkkk.

    Love you guys.

  4. Megan Bradford

    I LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing, it makes me want to make a video (but I won’t). Maybe I can talk Gabe into making our adoption video when we get back with thousands of pictures and hours of video 🙂

  5. Laura

    Isn’t it funny how we ALWAYS go back to the first tree we liked? We go to a tree farm to cut ours down every year and my (smart) husband (after years of following me around) stands by the first tree and waits for me to wander 10 acres and come back to it and say THIS IS THE ONE. LOL!!! This video really, REALLY makes me want to go get ours this weekend. Merry Christmas!

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