great thoughts! thanks!

EDIT: Cool news. On May 1st, I shared that Diapers had sold 4,050 copies (compared to ITA’s 6,700 and Blushing’s a-lot-less-than-that). A month and a half later, Diapers is up to 5,200. Woohoo! 300 more, and it’s a second printing with Nichole’s name spelled right and all those other corrections! (ITA is at 6,900.) Praise the Lord!

I love all the ideas and thoughts you’ve shared the past couple days. Whew. Time for a break, huh? I do have to share one thing my sis Bethany wrote in response to yesterday’s question.

I don’t think “compensating” is always a bad thing. Sometimes when I get jealous of someone else, it’s good to remind myself of the blessings I have and that I don’t know all the aspects of her life. No one’s life is perfect and I like the life God’s given me.

Such a good point. I think it depends on the attitudes of our heart. When I covet someone’s beautiful couch, I can think to myself, “That’s okay. I’m blessed with a lot of other things (and non-things). Maybe someday I’ll have a nice couch.” That’s different than saying, “Well, she may have a nice couch, but she has the ugliest ears I’ve ever seen.”

Counting blessings is the antidote to jealousy. Being mean and vindictive and stinky is not.

We took the girls to the fountains at Easton yesterday after lunch. So fun. I didn’t know they provide towels and beach balls and Capri Suns. Then we came home and they headed straight out to the pool (inflatable, 6ish feet in diameter, 1 foot deep). They’re loving summer.

We have out-of-town guests coming today, tomorrow, and Sunday (3 different sets of people). Should I maybe go straighten up the house a bit?

Have a wonderful weekend! Welcome home, Steve!


EDIT: Left out my FATHER-IN-LAW! Happy Father’s Day, ROCK!

18 thoughts on “great thoughts! thanks!

  1. bethelaine

    FYI: i was just informed by my sister that one of my quotes made it into the Diapers book. (i haven’t read it yet myself as it’s not really applicable to me yet, but i just gave it to my sister, and she burst out laughing when she recognized what i said about my MIL forcing me to use a family name our future child. funny….)

  2. Anonymous

    Okay, I am really dumb and didn’t know I could comment on Xanga.  I’m a genius.  Well that is great news about your book sales!  Have fun with your company.  You’re every woman.

  3. kkakwright

    i heard a speaker on christian radio recently.  talking about how we always want all of our blessings now.  and if God gave us all of them today, how boring would tomorrow be, right?  i have embraced this way of thinking.  i have tons o blessings in this season and i praise God because he is saving some really fantastic ones for the next season of my life.  it IS so easy to get wrapped up in the jealous thoughts of other women who are in the same season as you and have the blessings you want so desperately.  i try to stay focused on the fact that God isn’t saying, “no, you can’t have a new dinette set”, He is saying, “wait, my dear child, and i just might give you a really nice dinette set when your children are older and won’t ding it up so much”.  make sense?

  4. ladymiss3739

    The fountains sound wonderful…and yeah, maybe you should straighten a little.  But not too much.  People just like loving people.  Not spic-n-span houses.    Have a great weekend!  

  5. stephaniedawnbasham

    We have such a smart sister. That is so true. The compensating is not necessarily a bad thing when the part after the “but” is one of your own blessings and not an insult on the other person.

    Thanks Bethy!

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