good tidings of great joy

WE GOD SOLD OUR HOUSE!!! Thank you so much for praying! I only wish I would have asked you all to pray eight months ago! More details to come tonight! Off to celebrate this huge event at Johnny Buccelli’s (Livi and Ava’s choice)! Woohoo!!


Gabe and I were chilling on Saturday morning, enjoying our alone time without the kiddos. The phone rings, and it’s our realtor. “There’s an offer on your house.” They offered our asking price (which we had lowered three or four times already) but wanted us to pay a bazillion dollars in closing costs. We counter-offered. Heard nothing until this afternoon. Counter-offer from them–not too shabby, but we asked for a bit more. Got it. Deal. Unbelievable. PRAISE THE LORD! I jumped around the house, arms raised, yelling all sorts of stuff to God.

I knew Gabe would want to go somewhere to celebrate. He claims to love my cooking, but he sure does love to eat out too. He suggested Johnny Buccelli’s (for those of you who asked, it’s kind of like Fuddrucker’s, but with lots of deli sandwiches and subs and pizzas and salads instead of make-your-own-burgers–very tasty). Livi and Ava LOVE that place and have been begging to go back ever since we had coupons for a free meal and a buy one, get one meal a couple months ago. Their favorite part is the raised-up corner booths (and the free lemon heads).

Not sure when we close and all that–just super excited at how God moved. Oh, and it wasn’t the couple who asked Mom and Dad to check it out. Some couple saw it on Saturday morning, loved it, and immediately made an offer. Wow. Thank you so, so, so, so much for praying!

Back in black… I felt so refreshed today after 44 hours alone with my hubby. On Friday, we ate at BD’s Mongolian BBQ (our fave), went to a Christian bookstore and Target, and came home.

Saturday–slept in until 8, took a walk through a metropark/waterfowl refuge and watched geese, ate breakfast at McDonald’s, went to the library (mmmmm….), read/napped/light lunch/shower, went to see Amazing Grace (which I highly, highly recommend and will blog about later this week), browsed at Barnes and Noble, ate at The Melting Pot with a gift card (our first time–fun stuff), hit up Victoria’s Secret (I’ll share bits and pieces of that story later, too–ugh), went home.

Sunday–got up, drove to Lima, met Gabe’s parents, Tug and Angie, our kiddos, their kiddos at church. Watched Nina through the nursery window. Oh, I missed her. Watched Livi and Ava in their class–they saw us, their eyes got wide, huge grins. The message was amazing. Might blog about that too. La Charreada with everybody for lunch. Back to Rock and Janelle’s. Gator rides, visits with the horses, played with Charlie the dog, loved on my girls and my nieces and nephew, jumped on the neighbor’s trampoline, walks in the woods, made mud pies, pizza for supper. Hugs, kisses, all packed up, came home.

That’s it for now. Tomorrow’s blog = funny stories from the little people who share my home.


21 thoughts on “good tidings of great joy

  1. ladymiss3739

    How exciting…and it sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!  Praise God that He is faithful all the time – even when we don’t see the “end results” right away!

  2. rachmckinney

    that is so exciting!!! i can now write that as a praise in my prayer journal; you have been on my list for just that very thing(and others:) )!!! very exciting! and what is a gator ride if i might ask??

  3. jennikim

    apparently, we need to have all your prayer warriors praying for my parent’s house to sell. its been up for a year and a half!! if you guys feel led, please join us in prayer that it sells soon! 🙂

  4. tonialynn59

    Whoo hoo!  I’m so happy for you guys!  I almost woke my house up shouting for joy!  It is SO SO SO  encouraging when you see answers to prayer like that.  I’m thinking I need to blog my prayer request!! :)) no seriously!  Man what happens when God’s people pray. 

    I’m so happy for you to have had taht weekend alone with your hubby and to get all refreshed and back to motherhood.  It is such a necessity and we need to really do it.  I don’t practice what I preach very well though!

    Thanks so much for sharing with us!  That is just awesome news. 

  5. gsowell

    I’m bouncing in my seat. I am so grateful to serve an awesome God. Some preacher (my husband, I think :-)) once pointed out that prayer is one way we are blessed to be involved in the activity of God. I feel that I have a small connection to your joy because I prayed. How incredibly awesom is our God!

    Also, your description of your weekend said so much so succinctly. It sounds like it was delightful top to bottom!

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