good morning

I could get used to this warm weather. Gabe’s out running without a mask. No frostbite when taking Ava to the bus stop. Nice.

I meant to give an update on Barb yesterday. Here’s the latest e-mail her brother sent to my MIL. (I mean Janelle–she hates the word MOTHER-IN-LAW.)

Barb is doing better. She is at home and resting and getting used to being back into daily life. She has had no seizures (praise the Lord!) She has vision problems/reading still and has some difficulty remembering things. We are confident that this will improve still to some extent…just have to wait and see. She is still putting her trust in the Lord through it all. I told her she has been such an encouragement to me.

Please keep praying! (Also, the card I sent her at the Cleveland Clinic got sent back to me. Sorry if the same happened to any of you. I’ll try to get her home address.)

The “GetOutOfDebt” campaign is going well. We’re still eating lots of cheap meals, not eating out, and staying away from stores. No debt paid off quite yet, but we’re expecting some chunky checks soon, and with the $ we’ve been saving, a lot can go toward paying stuff off. This is really liberating.

Nina has been killing me lately. I love it when their sense of humor starts really developing. One of her favorite things at the moment is to point to people and call them by the wrong name, then bust up laughing. She calls me “Ava,” calls Gabe “Grandma.” You get the point. Right now, she’s yelling “Mys!” (mize). This is her all-time favorite word to holler at Ava if Ava gets within 5 feet of one of Nina’s birthday presents. We’re working on sharing.

Lots to say (shocker) but duty calls. Happy Tuesday! Do something sweet today!

20 thoughts on “good morning

  1. ladymiss3739

    Leah and Nina have to hook up soon…they are at the same point in there little lives!  They would be a hoot to watch together.    Leah is normally pretty well behaved, but yesterday (moving day) she shoved two different little people (both hands)! when they got to close to something she considered hers.  I was shocked!?   Anyway, working on that! 

  2. rachmckinney

    i think that i view it as warm lately, too. compared to what it has been anyway. (-1 when i got in my car the other day). but it is still cold to me! but better. e. asked me “when is it spring?” guess she misses it a bit, too!

  3. kkakwright

    good for you on your debt pay down.  once you start seeing the debt numbers go down in big ways, it makes the cheap living easier, it really does.  and, the funny thing is, now that we have our debt paid off (paid it off 1 month before we had kain), living cheap is a way of life. we grew so accustomed to it, we enjoy it.  we realized we can live comfortably without all the unnecessary trips to target, going to McD’s, all that.  I don’t miss it as much as I thougth I would.
    and, with all the extra money we can do bigger and better things, like remodel a bathroom.  which to me is way better than 100 trips to McD’s. 🙂

  4. trishlrich

    What’s your “GetOutOfDebt” campaign?  Something you heard about or made up?

    Kyle was actually a cook at a couple different restaurants before we had Kayla.  Total of over 10 years cooking experience.  Perfect qualification for a stay-at-home dad!  (That’s why I picked him for the job! )

  5. MlleBaroque

    ^ I just realized how funny my comment sounds next to that picture.  In case you were wondering, we were on our honeymoon in Colorado…it was the first time my husband had ever seen snow outside of a TV.

  6. MlleBaroque

    I love Texas weather. Then again, it would be nice to get a snow day every once in a while.  We just get “ice days” or “flood days.”  Still, I’m happy with our 60 to 70 degree winter days.

  7. faithchick

    ooooh! snow!  I’ll have to check our forcast.  Maybe matt’ll have a snow day.
    Nina is funny.  I love when they start getting personalities!!
    We don’t have an official get out of debt thing going, but I made myself stay home from Target last week b/c I have no self-control. Those red circles are hypnotic.

  8. tonialynn59

    ^^we’re supposed to get snow tonight too.  Boo!  Bring on spring!

    I’m glad to hear about your Get out of debt plan and it is working.  I don’t know about there but man have groceries gone up here!  And it is a waste other than you have to eat to survive!  Anyway I want Barb’s address too.  I hadn’t sent a card yet but I believe you sent me the hospital one.  Have a wonderful day, dear friend!!

  9. Abs7

    I just mailed a xanga friend a getoutofdebt book called Pay It Down (I think). It looks like a pretty good and inspiring book if you want something to read. I actually haven’t read the book, but I got it from a trustworthy friend and have a feeling it has some pretty good tips.

    Isn’t it supposed to get really cold again tonight?

  10. shannahhogue

    Watching the numbers in “debt” categories go down is one of my favorite pastimes! Congrats on your little victories (and soon-to-come big ones)!

    My nieces learned the concept of sharing pretty early, but they preferred using it to make the other one give them things!

  11. Anonymous

    Glad your “GetOutOfDebt” plan is going well. We’re also working on smaller grocery bills, avoiding stores and staying home. I’m actually looking forward to our tax appt. in February… I can’t wait to see what kind of a refund we will get. Whatever the size, it will be used to pay down debt.

  12. bethelaine

    i’m with gail.  it’s 40’s here and very damp, so it still feels super chilly.  blech….

    good for you with the getoutofdebt thing!!  you’re so inspiring. 

  13. gsowell

    I have officially lost it. You keep talking about all this “warm” weather. I, for the life of me, can’t revel in 40 degrees. I used to be able to. Not anymore. Now it’s still just cold. Bring on summer!

    I’d like Barb’s home address if you get it.

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