God saw all that he had made…

and it was very good. Just thought I’d share some happy photos of God’s way-cool creation. Sweet trees, beautiful flowers, cute little girls.

Ava scored a goal last night! Woohoo! Livi has her last game tonight, and Ava has one more next week. Soccer season has flown by! 

We’re off to the Metro Gardens again for a bit to give Daddy some much-needed peace and quiet to work.

Have a sun-kissed Tuesday!!

My four ladies

Five Sisters

Smelling the tulips

Under the arch

Ava takes the lead

The White Squirrel

23 thoughts on “God saw all that he had made…

  1. ctorlone

    Marla,  I know tha tyou and I have the same camera…can you scroll back through your pics and find out what F stop and shutter speed you had…I love the clarity of hte pictures and I’ve been “practicing” a ton…also, what lens do you have?  beautiful job!

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