go hokies! (and stuff)

So, our Grand Plan is to spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s down in Florida. Hitting some zoos, hanging out (and shacking up) with some friends and family. Watching Virginia Tech play Cincinnati in the Orange Bowl!!

How amazing is it that we were already planning on being in Miami on New Year’s Day AND the 4-loss Hokies somehow, SOMEHOW got into the Orange Bowl in MIAMI? AND we didn’t do a blessed thing (except go to urgent care) for our 10th anniversary, so we’ll be spending our 11th anniversary in STYLE. AND Gabe got 2 (TWO!) tickets for the game on eBay for just $34.

Wow. God is good. And He’s been blowing us away by his goodness lately. Someone unexpectedly sent us a check in the mail a couple days ago. (wow) We decided to give 10% of it to some beautiful kids in Cambodia. The very next day, someone gave us a Wal-Mart gift card in the exact amount we’re giving away. Unbelievable.


And at the last minute, we got into all 3 of the AL/GA zoos for free. And got a goody basket in Montgomery–with free supper at the Overlook Cafe!


I’m not sure what was tougher–3 zoos in 2 days or 3 Christmas programs in 2 days. It was probably the whole combo–6 big things in 4 little days. Wowzers. Right before we left for the 3rd performance tonight, we all (well, mostly me) just hit a wall. And I mean Hit. A. Wall. But we’re feeling better now. The girls did great, but Ava has a barking cough and lost her voice. Livi has a headache and is looking quite pale. The Christmas program was stunningly beautiful though. Poignant. Powerful. Spirit-filled. Thank you, Jesus. Praise you, praise you!

Sent an e-mail to service@winkflash.com yesterday because I’m missing a photo book I ordered. They wrote back saying they have no order ID like the one I gave them. And there isn’t even an account with my e-mail address. I was ticked. For just a minute. Oops. Winkflash. Snapfish. They’re all the same, right?

Gabe is laughing at how I’m sitting at my computer. He doesn’t get it. My right foot is tucked underneath me with my right knee under the desk. My left knee is up by my chin, with the sole of my foot on my chair, toes under my desk. What’s wrong with that??

I’ll be giving away a copy of Expecting on my blog tomorrow, so check back for that. Speaking of, saw something funny on Amazon yesterday. Someone asked me once if it bothered me when my books are being sold for dirt cheap as “used” on Amazon. Not really. And especially not this time.

Someone is selling a “used” copy of Expecting. The description: “minimal wear to cover. Pages clean and binding tight. This is a fantastic find!” It certainly is. Especially if you mean fantastic as in “imaginary or groundless; not being based in reality” (seeing as the book hasn’t been released yet.)

“Do you have our Florida trip planned out at all?” Gabe just asked me. Um, no. Off I go to plan a zoo trip!

Makena and mother

The Three Pandas

Lions playing

Three Zoos in Two Days

Giant Panda

African plain

Have a magnificent Monday!!

13 thoughts on “go hokies! (and stuff)

  1. stephaniedawnbasham

    Haha! I was getting ready to comment that I sit JUST like that (and in other weird positions) ALL the time and Daniel always makes fun of me, and I just saw that Bethany wrote the exact same thing.

    Hmm…sisters maybe?

  2. luvmynoah

    I love all the pictures…as usual.  I love elephants so those are always my fav!  Awesome stories of God’s love for YOU!!  I love it that He always provides and always blesses us when we are faithful to Him!  What a wonderful gift He has given you to write…to influence women for Him!  Have an awesome trip to Florida!  How cool that you get to go to a bowl game, a bunch of zoos and to hang with friends!  One of those is a great friend of mine since we were girls!  Have fun with Amelia and her great family!  I just noticed that I used more explanation points than what is aloud in any given comment…ooops.  I’m excited for you..what can I say!(another one.)

  3. YoYoYoder

    I just laughed when you described how you were sitting because that’s EXACTLY how I was and am still sitting as I read your blog and as I type this comment! And Stewart makes fun of me, too! Ha!

  4. FlyingCAB

    I hope your kids appreciate how cool this all is!  I don’t know alot of kids whose parents would take them to this many zoos in their whole lives, let alone in one year. At least you will have the pics to prove it!

  5. DerrickandKenny

    My Sister in law is heading to Cambodia in a few weeks you could have just given her the money.

    Also, very cool about the bowl game.  I am jealous as I have never been to a bowl game yet. 

  6. M3mine

    Thank you for reminding me of how God provides for us, be it big or little. When we see our lives in that perspective, it is so easy to be thankful for all He gives us, and helps us take our eyes off ourselves, thinking we are the ones who provide. This is the big lesson He’s been teaching me lately. To read it again on your Xanga is just a reminder that I needed. Thank you again.

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