glory be!

Gail thought she was giddy after winning give-away #2. No, I’ve got the market on GIDDY. Gabe had a podcast interview tonight at 8:00 (with one of my favorite authors in the universe, Angela Hunt!), so at 7:30 I took the girls to Marc’s. (my 2nd time there ever by the way)

We’re just about done, the store’s about to close, and I walk over to the toys to let the girls look for a couple minutes.

Then I spot the bin. A bin full of tangled up snowmen. Oh, cute, I thought. Then I saw they had names on them. I’m a sucker for personalized stuff–even though my own name is never on anything. They’re Russ brand and adorable. And most of them are in tangled masses (which is why they were in a close-out bin at Marc’s). Then I see the price. 3 for $1. I must dig.

I instantly see the name of someone I know and love. Grab it. Another name. Another. Okay, folks, when it was all said and done, you xanga girls made out like bandits.

4–number of xanga friends who will be getting a personalized snowman in the mail someday soon
1–number of daughters of xanga friends getting a snowman
1–number of husbands of xanga friends getting a snowman
5–number of snowmen I found ALL IN ONE FAMILY. One very special xanga girlfriend has her WHOLE STINKIN’ FAMILY in snowmen. Can you even believe the GLEE I must be feeling right now?!

I’m beside myself really. And I didn’t even count my husband. (see below) So, that’s 12 adorable snowmen that were probably $3 or $4 apiece for $4 total. So worth the untangling (for one gal’s snowman in particular–took me 5 minutes!).

The best part? I paid for all my stuff, the cashier gently put my snowmen in a bag, waved his hand at them like, “I’m not even going to bother,” and did not charge me a penny for them. (he did the same thing for the woman ahead of me who bought only “Erin” and “Benjamin.”)

I’m giddy as all gid out. G’night!

EDIT: Okay, so I just got a bit of a rain on my parade. I bought 2 juice smoothies (regularly priced at $2.50 each) for $1 because they were about to expire. Just checked my receipt and got charged full price for both. ($5 instead of $2). I’m always getting charged extra for stuff. And getting stuff for free. I guess it all evens out, eh? I’m still giddy.

18 thoughts on “glory be!

  1. luvmynoah

    Very, very cute snowmen!  I loved your blog and the excitement in getting such a deal! God gives you these little blessings all the time.  Isn’t it awesome to be so loved????

  2. M3mine

    Since I work at a store that sells similar products, I have a hint for you:  We have scratched names to make blank ones that you can put your own names on!  (For those of us with odd names, totally never can find names!)  Since this looks to be wooden?  Is it? that might not work this time, but on ceramic things, it does!

  3. tonialynn59

    Yes, what fun.  I think the Gabriel snowman is adorable!  I know you didn’t find my name and in my fam only the boys fare well with the names, oh except Amber is usually easy enough to find.  Hayley they never spell right.  I love that you were so excited!!!

  4. faithchick

    1) i have a very common name.  this makes me hopeful.

    2) i don’t have 5 people in my family.  this makes me not hopeful.

    i’m SO EXCITED for your bargains!  i love bargains.  and that picture of “gabriel” cracked me up!  what a fab day you had yesterday ,hm?

  5. Nixter77

    I absolutely know that you haven’t got one with my name on it 😉

    Did I mention my name is NEVER on personalised stuff in the US? I would love to talk about it some time..

    Love you!

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