girls' day!!

Shoot. I totally forgot to eat some bon-bons today. Either that or the title of my last post was completely misleading.

I took the girls out of school and we drove an hour to my mama and daddy’s house to see my cousin Jen (and her twin-pregnant belly) who’s here from Arizona and my sister Stephanie and niece Mia (up from South Carolina). Then Mom, Steph, Jen, Mia, Liv, Ave, Neen, and I all drove into town to surprise Grandma at her nursing home.

Huge success. Then Mom took Ava, Nina, and Mia around to meet some of her friends (Mom has this crazy-amazing, informal ministry going on at the nursing home–I’ll blog about it sometime) while Grandma, Jen, Steph, and Livi played a game of Upwords (I kept score).

Then Bethany (my other sis), Isabelle (2), and Jack (3 months) got there and we chatted and took some pictures, then kissed Grandma good-bye so she could go to lunch and our motley crew of 11 could go to Bob Evan’s Down on the Farm.

After lunch, the littles (and the doubly-preggo) took naps, and Livi, Steph, Bethy, and I played euchre while Mom, Ava, and Nina played Sequence. Then we watched Freaky Friday (the Jodie Foster one) and I fell asleep for the last 20 minutes of it.

Then we played outside and Dad got home and grilled hot dogs and veggies, and my cousin Julie came over with her little boy, Dexyn, and we ate in the back yard on quilts and in camping chairs. It was divine. The kiddos ran and played and chalked the sidewalk until it got dusky and the bugs got bitey. Then we went inside for a Bullfrogs and Butterflies Dance Party, and we sisters amazed ourselves with our ability to remember song lyrics we haven’t heard in almost 20 years.

And I wish like nuts that I would’ve had a video camera because you haven’t seen hilarious until you’ve seen Bethany dance. Oh. My. Word.

Ice Cream. Coffee. Puppy chow. Good night hugs. Dirty, grimy children climbing in the van and falling asleep listening to music and watching a heat lightning display that looked like fireworks.

Thank you, God, for such a sweet, sweet day.

16 thoughts on “girls' day!!

  1. Holly

    Bullfrogs and butterflies……….SUCH a favorite. I have been begging my mom’s church to do this program!

    Sounds like a fabulous day. Hugs.

  2. Kaye

    Yeah for a special day spent with family and friends. So thankful it was ‘a great day’!
    Hope all of you have a blessed weekend.
    Matthew 21:22

  3. Betsy

    What a SWEET day! (At first I missed reading that you took the older girls OUT of school, and was sad for them.) Glad that all your girls got to spend time with their family! Days like that are so rare! Wonderful!!

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