galley, ho!

Well, today has been interesting. Livi was up a couple times last night with a fever, woke up complaining of a headache. Took her temp–102. Here we go… Ava was not happy about someone stealing her thunder. Livi’s fever went down about five minutes later, and she has felt fine all day long. I’m making her read in her room while Nina naps, Gabe works, and I look over my galley for the first time. (I get to use my purple pen, says my editor!)

Ava went to school (against her wishes) after an epic battle between her and her parents (her and her parents?). I handled it 45% well. You’d think I had a book on motherhood coming out or something the way Satan was attacking. Gabe took her down to the bus stop, and I hate that she had to leave right after such a stinky fight. I did tell her I loved her and kissed her and she clung to me apologizing. Sigh.

Well, that’s it. Nice and short. I have a headache. Need Coke. Later, dudes.

5 thoughts on “galley, ho!

  1. tonialynn59

    I used to hate fighting with the kids before they headed to school.  But it happened often enough!   UGH!  I’m sure she’ll be fine.  Do you think you are getting the winter sickness all out of the system or will they go through it again?  Sure not fun.  Hope your head is feeling better!  Coke sure does cure a lot of ailments doesn’t it?

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