Gabe the Podcaster (i.e. Gabe the Babe)

Gabe’s first podcast is complete. Yea! Not available to the public until Monday after next though. He’s waiting on the album of one of his interviewees to be released. Anyhoo, I’m excited for this new venture and very proud of all his hard work and talent. Go Gabe!

Tomorrow we go to the zoo for Gabe’s office picnic. We haven’t been zoo-ing in a few weeks–looking forward to it. Scavenger hunt, gift basket drawings, free food, lions, and tigers and bears, oh my!

My parents stopped by for a couple hours after a dinner date in C-bus. We took them to the Metro Gardens (yeah, I’m addicted) and I introduced them to these. You have not lived until you have partaken of this chocolate-coated slab of lusciousness.

I must have thought that putting bills in my desk drawer would make them go away. I was going through a stack of stuff tonight and found 8 or so bills due next week. Say whozits?

Our neighborhood is having a garage sale at the end of August. A couple years ago I swore I’d never have another one. Um, so I had one right before we moved, all in the name of bonding with my neighbors. Now it’s a new town, new neighbors, no better time to get to know them while getting rid of the rest of the junk I should have discarded before we moved. This is absolutely the last garage sale EVER.

I’ve been trying the past four nights to be in bed by midnight. I’m 0 for 4.

10 thoughts on “Gabe the Podcaster (i.e. Gabe the Babe)

  1. Nixter77

    The little one was having a ‘cheeky/naughty’ moment and so wasn’t listening too much but the older one was very excited, she asked what the girls names were and told me some of the things she could write to them about.  All in all very excited…  The little one had some funny things to say I will write about them later 😉

  2. Nixter77

    Looking forward to hearing the first podcast 😉 Those Starbucks things sound yummy yum yum..  I have a hazelnut latte right now from Starbucks – yoiu should try it it is my absolute favourite….  Spoke to the little English girls last night about their new pen-pals 😉

  3. hcole86

    Hello! I don’t know how you can stay up so late! I’m a gonner by 9:30 at the latest. Hope you had a fun day at the zoo. Thanks for talking to me on Saturday!

  4. rachmckinney

    another zoo day..your girls must be loving it!(anyou too, i am sure: ) ) garage sale is not soemthing i hve gotten into here. maybe that’s a good thing, though:) hope it goes well for you and you bond with your neighbors!

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